Samsung black screen: possible causes and solutions

Samsung phones move in the range between medium to high and high. Depends on the device In general, They are good phones that deliver the expected performance, however, they are not immune to some issues as well, if you have any. Samsung black screenClearly something was wrong.

Let’s see what happened to your mobile phone. And what can you do to fix it?


What happens to a Samsung that has a black screen?

The first thing that you should clearly understand is that this problem can have two origins: The device has some type of failure or defect. Or you did something wrong when handling it and it caused an error.

Let’s look at some of them. The most common reason why our phone screen is black.: :

Loose display connector

This is an internal problem that usually occurs when the phone is affected. The cable came loose and prevented the power from reaching the screen anymore.

Unless you are an expert. We do not recommend under any circumstances to turn on your phone and play its “guts”.. It is best that you take it to a specialist and have him make the necessary adjustments with a guarantee. To make your device look like new again

Major system errors or operating system crashes

Some failures in the operating system Even serious errors This may cause the Samsung screen to remain black for a while. In fact, in many cases, the origin of this problem lies in this type of error.

Installing corrupted applications

We always say that you need to be very careful when installing apps on your mobile. Even if it’s from the official App Store. These may contain malware. If it spreads to your phone One impact could be that we finally have Samsungs with black screens on our hands.

In some cases, it can happen that the app is perfectly “clean” but the error occurs because too much data about the app accumulates in the cache. This will overload the phone and cause it to fail.

exposure to excessively high temperatures

You shouldn’t leave your phone in direct sunlight for a long time. Because this may affect work performance. Just like cold weather, if it gets really cold, your device may start to show signs that something is wrong, such as the screen turning off.

Something similar happens with humidity and overheating as a result of excessive use.

Battery failure

It’s no secret that batteries wear out with use. If your cell phone is a few months old You will definitely notice that the battery performance has decreased and will no longer last as long as before.

There may come a point where even the battery does not show any significant signs of failure. Wear and tear causes problems when it comes to keeping the screen bright.

How to fix Samsung with black screen?

These, as we have seen, are the most common reasons why a phone screen goes black without warning. Next, let’s see what we can do. Solve the problem that prevents us from using our mobile phones normally.

Let it return to normal.

If we believe that the phone has failed due to overheating, humidity, or exposure to extreme temperatures. The best thing we can do is Let it rest for a few hours.

Place it horizontally on a flat surface. Away from direct heat sources and wait a few minutes, then check if everything returns to normal.

Restart the phone.

How long has it been since you turned off your phone? Most of us never turn it off. And this has a negative effect on various devices. If you are experiencing a Samsung black screen problem and don’t know what might be causing it. Try turning your phone off and on again.

Although it may seem silly But in many cases This will solve the problem permanently. In fact, If you turn off your phone and leave it for a while before turning it back on, better.

Another option is to let the battery drain, charge, and when it reaches 100%, then turn it back on.

clean equipment

File accumulation in your device’s cache can cause performance issues. If you are experiencing crashes on your phone Try cleaning it thoroughly.

Delete files that you no longer need. And don’t forget to clear the cache later.

Run the antivirus program.

The presence of malicious software is the reason for Samsung having a black screen. To check if the phone is infected with a virus or not The simplest thing is to turn on the antivirus program, however, it is best to have this type of program on your phone and that. It is responsible for checking all the files and apps that we want to download. To prevent infection

In any case If your phone has a problem Run your antivirus to see if any malware has snuck in. If so Immediately delete potentially infected apps and clear their cache.

Format the phone

If the above methods do not solve the problem. Our recommendation is that you create a backup and return your Samsung to factory parameters. A deep reset is not something we want to do with our phones most. It can fix a lot of problems, including the screen turning off.

To provide technical services

If formatting doesn’t work to resolve the issue It is possible that it is not in the software. But it’s in the hardware. So, you will have no choice but to take your phone to a technical service center. which they can check Find errors and fix them.

Samsung with black screen has a solution We just need to find the cause of the failure.

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