How to send WhatsApp in bulk to a group of contacts

Send WhatsApp in bulk It is a function that WhatsApp cannot do natively, however, in the application market there are some options to achieve this goal. All this without fear of being seen as spam and the consequences it deserves.

If you are wondering how to send mass messages from WhatsApp, the answer is simple: save time and reach more people. For example, if you have a business or joint venture and want to promote your product within a large list of contacts. a lot You no longer need to do this one at a time. Moreover, this Christmas You can also quickly send an emotional message to your loved ones.


7 Massive WhatsApp Sending Applications

For WhatsApp, the option to send bulk messages is not allowed as it is considered spam. Even if you forward the message But there are limitations. If you want andTo send WhatsApp in bulk, you need to use an extension. Included in the instant messaging app That is, it is not approved by WhatsApp.

It is not available in the Google Play Store. To download it, you need to visit the official website of the application developer. Next we will show you 7 most used applications to send large WhatsApp messages: :

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It is an application that is linked to your WhatsApp account to perform marketing functions and improve communication with many customers. It has a built-in chatbot and is 100% free. Additionally, you can send unlimited bulk WhatsApp messages.

with WhatsOn helps you avoid being blocked by spam.You can create a personal message with an image and include alt text. You can also load your contact list from an Excel sheet and send them bulk messages. When replying, you have the option to schedule automatic replies with your chatbot.

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WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsAppMarketing It is an application linked to WhatsApp Business. It is used to create automated and strategic messages to send to customers. It can Schedule campaigns for customer groups. Completely private

You can organize promotion programs, discount coupons, notify new products, and much more. It helps to segment customers. Customer lists and more can be imported as special resources.

Zenvia (formerly Sirena)

Zenvia is a comprehensive application that helps you manage your business by improving your customers’ shopping experience. There is an option to centralize all messages coming to your company. and avoid leaving users without a response. Maximumor send bulk WhatsApp from this applicationYou must purchase the premium version. They are classified as Basic (100 bulk messages per day), Pro (500 messages per day), and Enterprise.


It’s a program. Designed to send bulk WhatsApp to your contacts.. Works in both mobile instant messaging applications. Just like in WhatsApp web and WhatsApp Business, it also has marketing functionality, CRM, chatbots, anti-blocking, quick replies, private messages and much more.

WhatsApp spammer

WhatsApp Spammer is an application created to send WhatsApp in bulk without being considered spam. It can Generate up to 1,000 text messages per second. To all contacts and groups registered in your application.

Often used to create messages. Make some serious jokes like block your contact’s WhatsApp. Doing so is not a good practice because it will have dire consequences for the operator, for example blocking WhatsApp in the clear.


Whatzaper is an application where you can send bulk messages on WhatsApp with just one click. You can schedule this action and create it from time to time. Suitable for promotional months. When the important day of the event is approaching, if you want to enjoy this service You must purchase the premium version and Any plan can send unlimited messages..

What ticket?

Whaticket is a mass marketing, CRM and WhatsApp messaging app used to better manage messages to customers who are part of a company. It offers a fairly flexible platform for all types of businesses. But what if you want to use it to congratulate all your contacts this Christmas? You can do it.

Applications to send bulk WhatsApp should be used with caution. If they do it very often with certain contacts The contact may be blocked for a while. Use the application in a mindful, fun, and sensible way. Do you like these applications and do you use them? What was your experience with them?

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