Xiaomi’s kitchen robot costs less than 500 euros

This is your chance to have a Xiaomi kitchen robot at home at a greatly reduced price. At launch it cost 1,199.99 euros, but from January 2024 this Smart devices discounted up to 60%.

he Xiaomi Smart Cooking It is a smart device that will help you in the kitchen. And if you don’t know yet, in this article we will tell you about its benefits, functions, innovations and benefits. Let’s find out more about this product and why you should buy it.


Features of Xiaomi Smart Cooking Kitchen Robot

Xiaomi launches Smart Cooking at an exorbitant price of 1,199.99 euros, but for many, the value for money comes as a surprise. However, this product is currently discounted by 60%. Only 499 euros left. Let’s see what are the benefits and functions of having this product at home:

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  • Powerful motor with speeds between 40 and 12,000 rpm.
  • Reach temperatures up to 180 degrees.
  • have 8 inch touch screen.
  • Easy to use and program
  • self cleaning system.
  • It weighs 13.8 kilograms and has dimensions of 413 x 316 x 344 millimeters.

Components of the Xiaomi smart kitchen robot

Xiaomi Smart Cooking consists of The main pot is made of stainless steel.With a very luxurious three-tiered curved base. The heating system is 3D induction, distributes heat more quickly and evenly.

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The technology of this kitchen robot belongs to Xiaomi through a type of algorithm called Cooking LotIt automatically calculates the cooking time, speed and temperature of the food. You can create a new dish in a very short time. Suitable for cooking many dishes. It is also a robot that is constantly updated online.

This device offers 35 different functions Allows you to replace multiple appliances at home with just one device. You have the functions of sautéing, stewing, steaming, kneading, chopping, blending, chopping, and self-rinsing. You can cook up to three dishes at once, such as boiling soup, cooking stew, and steaming vegetables.

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This kitchen robot has many functions that will be very useful at home or in the food business. Take advantage of huge discounts starting in January. and enjoy modern work and accelerated results in food preparation. What do you think of the price of this Xiaomi Smart Cooking?

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