Chameleon, what is the virus that controls your cell phone?

Do you think the biometric recognition system on your mobile phone is enough to protect your data and prevent third parties from accessing it? Why? We regret to inform you that this is not the case. As malware evolves, it becomes more dangerous. It is a case of Chameleon, the virus that controls your phone

This malicious software that wreaked havoc a few years ago has returned even stronger in 2024. It can take over all the data on your device and prevent you from deleting it. Therefore, it is extremely dangerous.


How does Chameleon, the virus that controls your cell phone, work?

Chameleon malware or Chameleon is an old acquaintance. The first time it was recorded was in the 1990s. It has developed and become more complex. And now it works mainly on mobile phones.

In 2022, we are already affected by a powerful version of this malware. But now the malware has come back even stronger.

Its functionality is not much different from other malicious software, and it often gains access to your device through apps or downloads that appear to be legitimate. After that, you will be asked for the relevant access rights according to your logic. You give it in order to use it.

What happens is that the virus uses these permissions to take control of your phone.Makes Google Protect’s antivirus program unusable Therefore, you will not receive a warning message that you have installed a potentially dangerous app.

The real difference between Chameleon, the virus that controls your cell phone and Other malware that has become popular in recent years is that its potential is greater. This is because it will receive the PIN, pattern or password that you use to unlock your phone. and have access to information In fact Even if you use fingerprint or facial recognition biometric unlocking system. But it won’t be of any benefit. against the actions of this malicious software.

When your phone is infected with a virus It will break the apps you have installed to receive data from them.

polymorphic virus

The danger of this virus is that it is polymorphic. This also means that its source code is divided into two parts. One of them contains encrypted malware and the other has decryption instructions.

Once installed on the device That code will be decoded and executed. His work is finished. The software is again encrypted via a symmetric encryption system. with a unique key that only the creator of the virus has

For practical purposes This means that the virus changes versions every time it is executed. This makes detection very difficult for even the most modern antiviruses.

Additionally, this malware is full of junk code. This makes it more difficult to analyze and detect.

What is this virus looking for?

Infecting electronic devices isn’t something hackers do for fun. This is a criminal attack with a very clear mission.: Receive information from victims Most of them provide their bank details so they can access their accounts.

When Chameleon, the virus that controls your phone, is running It can display a fake version of your banking app. Make you believe it is legitimate so that you can be identified As soon as you do that This information is sent to the hackers behind the infection. This will get him the information he needs to access your bank account and transact with your money.

We face an extremely dangerous virus. who are not satisfied with access to your bank information Because it will affect your entire phone. They can gain access to all the personal data and files you have on your phone: Keys to social networks, photos, information about your contacts, etc.

How to know if your mobile phone is infected with a virus?

The first thing you need to do is install a quality antivirus and let it scan your phone completely. However, as we said before, This malware can be very difficult to detect. Therefore, a negative result from an antivirus app is not a 100% guarantee that the device is “clean”. That is why We must pay attention to the signs that tell us that something is wrong:

  • Excessive battery usage If your battery is draining much faster than usual and this does not correspond to an increase in your phone usage on your part. It can indicate that your phone is infected with Chameleon or any other virus. The same thing happens if the device overheats.
  • decreased efficiency Viruses run in the background and consume resources. This causes device performance to degrade when users use their apps. If you notice a sudden and significant performance change This is why you suspect malicious software.
  • unusual behavior Basically, any action that occurs on our phone that is not normal should alert us. This is because some things may not work as they should in the software. It might be a mistake. But it could also be a virus.

Can malware infections be avoided?

Yes, all we have to do is proceed with caution and follow some basic tips.

Install an antivirus program.

Choose an antivirus app for your computer And make sure your app is up and running and updated to the latest version.

Be careful when downloading.

Don’t download content or apps from untrusted sources. If it is possible to find an infected app in the official store. Imagine what might exist in other channels that are not regulated.

Restrict use of public Wi-Fi networks

Keep your phone connected to public Wi-Fi networks as much as possible. Because these are much more risky.

Chameleon, the virus that controls your mobile phone, is spreading quickly and not all protections are enough. If you have access to your device You will have no choice but to format it completely.

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