Chameleon malware that unlocks your mobile phone and bank details

The ability to stay connected to the internet through our mobile devices gives us many advantages and expands our communication options. But it also poses a risk to the security of our data. Because infection from malicious software is the order of the day. So on this occasion we would like to talk with you about Chameleon, the malware that unlocks your phone

This virus spreads faster than the flu in mid-winter. Therefore, it is recommended that we should be protected to avoid infection. And if it happens Take measures as soon as possible to avoid further danger.


Camaleón is back, the malware that will unlock your phone

It may be that the name of this virus sounds familiar to you. And it became very popular one year ago. Especially in areas of Austria and Poland.But now it seems to have strengthened and has taken hold in other parts of Europe.

It’s so effective that it can cause serious damage to your phone before you even know something strange is going on. Even if you’re using a biometric recognition system, (fingerprint or facial recognition) to unlock your phone This virus can bypass this protection and access the contents of your mobile phone.

How does this malicious software work?

Chameleon, the malware that unlocks your phone, is designed to go as unnoticed as possible. It installs on your device as if it were a legitimate application. It adds malware to native Android apps. Bypass all Google notifications and Google Protect antivirus.

This happens because when malicious apps are installed. This malware asks for general access permissions becauseTake advantage of these to hold on to additional perks. That allows you to disconnect your antivirus or prevents you as the user from uninstalling malicious software.

As you can imagine What this virus is looking for is to capture your most important information: your banking information. When your mobile phone is infected with a virus It uses the overlay technique. It displays a fake screen to make you believe you are processing your bank’s legitimate app. You enter your registration information and Hackers behind this malware They already have what they need to access your account.

This is not enough. This virus isn’t content to cause just this much damage. But it goes further than that. Because you can still access system information. Saved files You can also send messages, etc. In other words, Chameleon is a malware that unlocks your mobile phone. It represents serious interference with your privacy.

A very complex and dangerous virus.

From what we’ve seen As you can imagine, we are dealing with a very complex virus. In fact, When it opens in 2022 It doesn’t seem as strong as it is now. This shows that whoever is behind it continues to work on this malware to make it more effective.

It’s one of the few places we’ve seen that can bypass biometric protection to access a phone’s contents, and Disconnect your antivirus like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Moreover, we are not satisfied with receiving only a few pieces of information. (Something that can harm us as users anyway) but can access all the data you have stored on your phone.

What to do if your mobile phone is infected with a virus?

The first is to protect your banking information. This is usually the most sensitive information. Alert your bank that you may Your data and access code have been stolen. Next, use your computer to access your bank account and change the credentials you used.

Take the opportunity to change the passwords of other services that you use regularly and that may affect your privacy, such as social network accounts, Amazon, Netflix, etc.

In case your phone has Any files that may affect your privacyMake relevant reports to the police or public defender.

for your mobile phone Forgot to even back up data. Because this malware is so powerful, we don’t know how many files it can infect. and will directly restore factory settings.

How to know if your mobile phone is infected with a virus?

One feature of Camaleón, the malware that unlocks your phone, is that it works very discreetly. For users only We realized something strange was going on.

However, there are many signs that warn us that something bad is happening on our phones. Whether caused by this infection or something else:

  • It’s very slow. From one day to another The phone’s performance is greatly reduced. Even if you use the simplest application. This could mean that there is malicious malware running in the background.
  • overheating Have you noticed that your mobile phone gets very hot without too much use on your part? This is a sign that something is going on inside of you.
  • Strange notification Please pay special attention if you start getting notifications that you didn’t enable it. And the same goes if ads start popping up in the middle of your phone screen for no good reason.
  • Restrictions on use Chameleon and other viruses Trick users into gaining administrator rights This may limit your authority to operate your own device. You may not be able to close some applications and may not be able to delete them.
  • It moves alone. It sounds strange, but some users have seen their phones placed on a completely flat surface vibrate for no reason. This is actually a symptom of an infection. There are viruses like Malibot that can create virtual contact and cause the phone to move when not in use.
  • Notifications for accessing your account Security systems of Google, Facebook and other channels It sends you a notification when it detects an access attempt coming from a device other than your normal device. If you start receiving these types of notifications Clearly someone has your information and is trying to use it.

Chameleon, the malware that unlocks your phone, is a real risk to our security. And security is in our best interest. In doing this Try installing a quality antivirus program. And try not to download content from unknown sources.

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