How to have good oral health with these devices

Always maintain a healthy mouth. It is an important habit that we must keep in mind in our daily life. To make it more fun and exciting There are kits available to help us maintain oral hygiene and maintain healthy teeth.

These devices are characterized by convenience. Cleaning process from home or in the office bathroom If you want to keep your mouth healthy, fresh and clean at all times, we offer 5 accessories to improve your dental health.


5 tools to keep your mouth healthy

Having good oral health is not difficult if we have a habit of brushing our teeth, tongue, and gums every morning and after eating. To be more complete and comprehensive We therefore present a list of 5 items. Equipment to help keep your mouth clean and no bacteria Let’s take a look at what they are and how they work:

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electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is a device that Speed ​​up the brushing process without damaging the gums The design allows it to reach deep into the mouth cavities and clean thoroughly. This device is manually activated. But the work that follows will be automatic. That is, the bristles move with a certain revolution and you just need to pass the brush through your mouth.

They use rechargeable batteries. In work, it can be used to clean the tongue and the inside of the cheeks. Reaches the deepest teeth in your mouth. And without having to use force to rub your teeth Teeth will be completely clean.

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Oral-B Vitality 100...

Oral-B Vitality 100…

  • An essential brush for daily cleaning.
  • Removes more plaque than a normal toothbrush.

dental irrigator

Dental irrigators work in a certain way. Small sprinkler that repels water With pressure in the mouth that can be tolerated To clean teeth and gums It is shaped like a toothbrush. Except at the top end there is a nozzle to allow water to flow out.

serves for Removes food particles that are stuck between the teeth.However, it cannot be used as a replacement for dental floss. But it is a replacement for dental floss. It comes with a removable bucket to hold water and use whenever you want to deep clean your teeth.

Tongue cleaner

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A tongue cleaner is an oral hygiene device used to remove dirt from the mouth. Especially the tongue and surrounding area Shaped like tweezers But instead of having a blade The head is completely oval. which when passed through the tongue It will eliminate all types of accumulated bacteria or waste.Use after flossing and brushing your teeth.

Brencco cleaning solution 2...

Brencco cleaning solution 2…

  • The mouth is also a dirty environment. And cleaning the tongue is very important in oral care to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • This stainless steel tongue scraper set easily and effectively cleans the tongue surface from unwanted buildup and bacteria. Prevents tooth decay and bad breath Confident in good oral health

Teeth whitening kit

Purchasing a teeth whitening kit will help you. Have good oral health This is because there are many different ingredients, from gels to mouth guards. Everything you need from yellow teeth to white teeth. All of this can be done in one case and from the comfort of your bathroom.

ultrasonic toothbrush

at ultrasonic toothbrush It works with sound pressure waves operating at a frequency of 1.6 MHz, which is equivalent to 192 million movements per minute. Its potential makes it very effective in removing food particles and plaque in a short period of time without any effort.

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  • 【Charge only twice a year】Oclean electric toothbrush comes with a 2500 mAh lithium battery, so it has a long service life. Just charge it twice and it can work for a whole year without worry. Charged with USB port, easy to carry. Whether it’s for daily use, traveling or business trips, Oclean is the ideal choice.
  • 【Patented Magnetic Levitation Motor】With a special magnetic levitation brushless motor. The Oclean electric toothbrush can reach 76,000 vibrations per minute (1 RPM = 2 spins), providing up to 3 times the cleaning power of a manual toothbrush, whether for sensitive teeth or braces. Can clean gently and efficiently. It is considered a good guarantee for oral health.

Breath regulator

The breath regulator will help keep your mouth healthy and free from odors with a level of precision in its operation. Measure the odor and concentration of CSV. (Volatile sulfuric compound) if desired to use You just need to put it in your mouth. And the device pulls out a sample of the air produced in your mouth. After 30 seconds, the results will be sent to your app through the mobile application.

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With these devices You can keep your mouth healthy if you get into the habit of cleaning it regularly. Even though it is a high quality technological accessory. But it’s not a miracle. And it is up to you to use it and get healthy results. Tell us which device looks the weirdest to you?

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