Sending images in original quality on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has always had problems. and the quality of the images we send and the difficulty of sending high quality images. This feature launched a few weeks ago that allows users to attach HD quality photos and videos directly from the app’s photo editor. however, This feature also involves some data compression. This means that even though it is HD quality, the recipient is not actually receiving the content. a few hours ago WhatsApp has added a function that allows you to send photos and videos in original quality. directly from the chat We’ll tell you.

Send original quality photos and videos on WhatsApp.

Many users will not notice any difference between this function and existing functions. But the difference is that until now there was no way to send photos and videos in their original quality. Because WhatsApp always compresses content. Although we are trying to deliver ‘HD’ through the new feature, it is actually for standard users. This is not a problem. But other types of users You can choose to make these deliveries.

For those users, WhatsApp has recently changed and It allows you to send photos and videos as files. so as not to involve secondary compression and It is delivered in original quality. Because what the user will see will be a file instead of an image in the chat. This new feature Available in the latest update. and will gradually appear on every user’s device.

High quality HD photos on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has been updated and allows you to send photos in HD.

Using this feature is easy. When in chat Click on the + icon at the bottom left of the screen, then select document Then a new menu will come up for us to choose from. Photo or video At that time you can choose the picture or video that we want to send with it. 2 GB limit on each file It will then be sent and appear in the chat as a file, not the image we see in the chat itself.

Therefore, it is an option that many users have been waiting for for a long time. But that might be a little too far after years and years of complaining about photo compression and quality in WhatsApp chats in the coming days. All users will be able to enjoy this feature on their devices.