iOS 17 beta

Manzana The next update for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch is now available. After releasing the latest beta of iOS 17.2 a few minutes ago along with the rest of the versions for all of the company’s platforms.

The next version coming soon to our iPhone and iPad is now ready. Apple has just released the “Release Candidate” version of iOS 17.2.This is no more or less than the latest beta of this update. If an error is discovered at the last minute It will be the same as the final version that will be released next week in all likelihood. This is an update that includes a long list of new features. The following stand out above all others:

  • Ability to change the default notification sound. Includes haptic notifications (vibration accompanied by sound)
  • New favorites playlist with all the songs you marked as favorites during playback This function is included in the official version. But playlists will be available in iOS 17.2.
  • The new Diary application was presented at WWDC 2023 but was not available with the release of iOS 17, with which we can write down the activities of the day with personal recommendations and the possibility of combining content from apps that we Install it while we update developers. Everything you add to Journal is synchronized between your devices with iCloud.
  • New configurable action on action button: Translator
  • New widgets for clock and weather
  • Improvements to the weather application that give you a 10 day rain forecast, animated wind map for the next 24 hours. Or view the moon phase for any day of the next month.
  • Spatial video recording for Apple Vision on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max only.
  • Camera focus improves when we use a telephoto lens and focus on a small, distant object.
  • New sensitive content warning options Including analysis of contact stickers or posters.
  • Small improvements to Siri that can tell us how much we have left to reach our destination in Maps or how high we are.
  • New menu to check our device warranty within Settings > General > Coverage
  • New category at the top of the App Store (not yet available in Spain)
  • New option to disable inline text prediction in keyboard settings. (Not yet available in Spanish)
  • Option to autofill PDF with information like name, address, etc.
  • New option within music settings to enable automatic download of songs marked as favorites (It’s enabled by default.) You can also create a new focus mode where the music you listen to won’t affect your history or recommendations.
  • New options to choose how we share our name and photo in Phone and FaceTime settings
  • Supports Qi2 standard for iPhone 13 and 14 models.
  • Improvements to the Messages app with a new button that lets you scroll directly to the first unread message. Includes the ability to add stickers directly to messages using the context menu.
  • Possibility to change the silhouette of the Memoji
  • A new window asking us to allow access to Apple Music when opening the Photos app after the update

We also have an RC version for Apple Watch. watchOS 10.2 brings back speed dial toggling by sliding your finger across the screen from side to side.That’s gone in watchOS 10. There are other small changes, like when we’re near a HomePod on the watch, the Now Playing screen appears. As for macOS 14.2, we’ve got the same improvements we’ve mentioned. Since iOS 17.2, it also shares some changes in Messages. PDF autocomplete and other minor improvements too The changes in tvOS 17.2 are hardly worth mentioning.