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How to solve emergency calls only

The most basic function of a smartphone is making calls. This is a function that was originally created for that purpose. Although in the present This is because these devices have many functions. This allows us to find alternatives to calling. But many users still prefer this traditional method of communication. This is why we offer solutions for “Emergency calls only” for you One of the main problems when calling

It is normal for you to experience this problem. It can sometimes be annoying and cause real inconvenience when we want to communicate with our contacts. There could be several reasons why this notification appears. And you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easier to edit than you might expect.


What problems can only be related to the SIM card and emergency call errors?How to solve emergency calls only

Bad or dirty location: The first step we need to take is simple. We just need to check it before proceeding with other processes. That’s more complicated than this.If the problem is with the SIM card itself or on our mobile devices

To do this We just need to remove the SIM card. Clean the connectors of our mobile phones with a card list.Then make sure it is installed correctly.. Without leaving any mismatched areas that may cause a loss of contact between the two, that is, between the smartphone and the SIM card.

SIM card connection problems: There are many reasons why we know we are disconnected and We don’t know how to return to normal smartphone use. To solve this problem in every situation We have measures in place to restore connectivity.

How to solve emergency calls only

For some reason it got damaged: This issue can be caused by an unidentified damaged SIM card. Therefore, we also need a copy which will be provided by our company. This might be a good time to contact our mobile phone provider.

If it doesn’t work on our phone then Should we use a friend or family member’s phone? To check if we can call from that phone or not. The process is the same on all mobile phones and within seconds we will be able to know if we can call from another smartphone or not.

What else can we do in this situation?

If the terminal can send data normally The problem is with us.. If we can’t use the phone as well. We will have to move on to the next option that we offer you. Additionally, as long as it is inserted into the smartphone tray. We can know from the phone settings what its status is. To do this We need to see this:

  1. We have to go into Native configuration app
  2. Go to the tab Dedicated to device information/About the phone.
  3. Click on the SIM card. and view status, these steps may vary depending on the device configuration level.

What other solutions are there for emergency call only issues?

A damaged mobile phone is used.

This is the key to knowing if the cause of the network issue is related to the IMEI. When buying a used mobile phone, you must verify its original origin. Request an invoice or warranty Buy from trusted sites Otherwise, the previous owner may be able to lock the stolen computer.How to solve emergency calls only

How to check if network problems are caused by blocking IMEI?

It’s a very easy step. By dialing the code from your phone: *#06# Your phone’s unique IMEI code will appear automatically.

It is important to note that theft is only one of the causes of IMEI blocking. However, Operators can also block IMEI if the user is not registered with the company.This strategy encourages users to register their phones in order to track them in case of theft.

If it’s not robbery, you can do it. Go to the service point of the service provider. Then they will help you unlock IMEI. They will ask for your documents to prove that the device was legally purchased and belongs to you.

Lack of coverage in the region

Poor mobile coverage

This is the main reason for making an emergency call without having to go that far. Network outages generally occur. Because we are in an area that cannot be reached by the network.

You can conclude if the message “Emergency calls only” appears in some areas, such as on agricultural or rural areas instead, In areas with heavy traffic, such as in cities, you’ll get a good signal. mobile phone.

In this case, the fault lies The connection your phone makes to your cell phone carrier’s base antenna.. The signal wave sent or received is too weak in your area. It may be caused by disturbing mountains, trees, bridges, or certain types of construction materials.

What is the most effective choice in this case?

Restart your smartphone.

Restarting the phone might be the best solution if the notification “Emergency calls only” appears due to network error It is recommended to reset the network settings.

  • on older devices you can do it To do this, click Restore Network Settings.In Wi-Fi settings
  • on newer devices You can find the menu in the Connections section. or by using the search function at the top of the screen in the settings menu.

How can a PIN help us in this situation?

Restart your smartphone.

We must not forget to enter the correct PIN of the card, otherwise we will only be able to make emergency calls until that moment. Something simple But in some cases, it can cause a headache. If the PIN doesn’t appear when you turn on your phone It may be that we already deleted it from the card or don’t even remember it.

For this we must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. We get down to safety.
  3. Select SIM card lock
  4. We disable the option and confirm with the last item.

We hope that in this article Have you found the solution for “Emergency calls only” This can be truly annoying as it is a recurring problem. Therefore, it is important to identify potential failures. If you know of an alternative that we haven’t considered, Please let us know in the comments. We read your mind.

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