5 applications to control reading and track books

Application for controlling reading and tracking books

Nowadays, our mobile devices for any activity This has led to the creation of applications to facilitate each activity. One of these activities is reading. This benefits greatly from the wide range of digital books we store on our smartphones. Today we will talk about the best of them. An application to control reading and track the books you read.

Although reading physical books is still very popular, But of course, digital books are becoming more popular every day. For better or for worse The possibilities of carrying a library in your pocket everywhere you go is amazing. Moreover, If you have an app like the one we’re talking about, With interesting features and various functionalities.

This is the best app to track reading and track books.


Read carefully.

Application for controlling reading and tracking books

If we talk about reading apps, it occupies the area. Prominent position in that category With millions of users around. of the world will help you share books with friends and other users. around the world more easily

Goodreads has great features like:

  • It helps. Scan any book cover and get instant reviews and interesting opinions about them.
  • The app will help you. Send book recommendations based on your preferences.
  • Explore more than 2.2 billion books on the platform. What suits your taste best?
  • Find and rate books according to your experience

This app, in addition to all the functions mentioned above, It will definitely help you keep track of your habits. of reading and optimize the time you devote to this exciting hobby. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has good reviews, although its 3.9-star rating indicates that despite its success, The app has divided opinions among users.

Read carefully.
Read carefully.

Bookmory-Book Tracker

Application for controlling reading and tracking books

This is one of the best apps to track the books you read and keep track of your reading. This application also It will help you manage your books better and create a more sustainable and effective reading habit.
You can use a timer to control the time you spend reading each day.

With this app you can do a lot of things like:

  • Register for all types of e-books Easily use barcodes
  • Portable Meticulous page registration What do you read?
  • Record your reading time With the reading timer tool
  • Label your book to control them more strictly.
  • You can take notes. and notes with editor options
  • Underline those phrases from the book. What do you like most?
  • After reading each book You can leave comments and ratings. About it.

There are many options to get statistics on how you read. This is one of our favorite functions of the app. You can find and download it at no additional cost in the Play Store. It has been downloaded over 100,000 times, giving us an idea of ​​how popular it is in its category.

Bookmory - book tracker
Bookmory - book tracker

story graph

Application for controlling reading and tracking books

This application will help you in addition to many other things. Choose a book based on your mood, mood, or favorite literary genre.. Don’t worry if all your digital books are in another app. Because you can easily export to this new app.

Plus other additional features such as:

  • Easily track readings with in-depth statistics.It uses a variety of all types of tables and graphs.
  • you can Notice how consistent your reading habits are over time.This will help you get to know yourself better and choose the book that suits you best.
  • Use artificial intelligence to recommend books according to your requirements To do this, the app’s AI has very powerful machine learning.
  • Complete the app’s reading challenges. This will help you stay motivated at all times.

As you know This app is available in the Play Store for you. Its use does not require additional payments. This independent nature is one of its most popular features. There are many downloads that this popular app has accumulated till date. It has positioned itself as one of the favorites to control reading and book tracking.

story graph
story graph

Turn – Reading Tracker & Timer

Turn to read

this is one Very versatile app and quite like it. by general users All this thanks to a rich set of positive characteristics.

What does this app allow you to do?

  • Track your reading sessionsIt counts the number of pages you read and the time you read.
  • Add all types of notes and your book notes that you can review at any time.
  • It helps you Easily add books Search online, scan barcodes, or add them manually.
  • Arrange books into different categories. For example, read a book, read or finished.

This application can be found in the Google App Store. It has been downloaded more than 10,000 times.In addition to receiving good reviews from internet users who have used it. Rated with an overall rating of 4.2 stars.

Turn - reading tracker and timer
Turn - reading tracker and timer

BookClubs: Book club organizers


With very special options This app will definitely fascinate you. The main objective is to make it easier for users to join reading clubs. that they want within their vast online community. Moreover, you can definitely get creative to invite close friends, acquaintances, or book lovers.

In this app you can:

  • Create a new book club or join a public one
  • Use the survey option to choose a new book to read and choose a meeting time
  • Receive meeting invitations through the app and record related events therein
  • Find interesting questions to discuss the book with your club members
  • Save your favorite booksRate and recommend your favorites to other readers.
  • You can get real-time information about those books at thousands of clubs around the world. Currently reading

More than 50,000 downloads and an overall rating of 4.7 stars is what this app has garnered since its launch on the Play Store. The user interface is easy to use, pleasant and quite pleasing. Here are some of the features that catch the attention of users the most.

Bookclubs: Book club organizers
Bookclubs: Book club organizers

We hope that in this article you will find The best app to track your reading and keep track of the books you’ve read.Let us know in the comments which items you liked best and if you know others you would recommend to us. We read your mind.

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