Threads arrives in Spain to stand up for Elon Musk’s X

Instagram thread

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter last year, There is nothing on social networks at all. In fact The name hasn’t been the same since a few months ago. Tesla’s CEO was responsible for the change and is now called X. Thousands of users criticized the social network’s move for the lack of strong leadership. And a clear loss of quality and control within X and new alternatives have emerged, one of which is Instagram thread Meta, a text-based social network that appeared in July of this year and then It’s down. in the European Union and currently in Spain

Instagram Threads, Meta’s attempt to attract X users

Operation of Topic It is quite similar to other text-based social networks such as Twitter or Mastodon. Message maximum 500 characters Includes links, photos and videos up to 5 minutes long. Access to social networks. via Instagram user It is guaranteed, so you will have no problems if you want to keep the same username that you have on the rest of Meta’s social networks.

X Elon Musk's social network

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Mark Zuckerberg today announced the expansion of Threads to more countries across Europe. We’re excited to make it easier for more people to follow and join the conversations that matter to them. Since Threads launched in July We have greatly improved the app. Includes web experience, followed feeds, and the ability to edit posts. Search for keywords, topic tags, and more.

In July, Threads reached more than 100 countries, but the EU was relegated to future updates citing legal issues. five months later Thread arrived in the European Union. Both in the web version and for other operating systems such as iOS and Android, the integration with the entire Meta ecosystem is a positive factor as it allows users to Automatically follow everyone you follow on Instagram. Including starting to search for new topics and interesting users within the social network.

Instagram thread

The same look we’ve seen since July. It looks very similar to Twitter/X, with endless scrolling through messages with relevant conversations. They also take important measures to make Threads a safe space, such as muting words. Powerful security and account control tools Mention management, etc.

Remember that you can access Threads today with your Instagram account from the application’s official website. or by downloading the app from the relevant application store. We’ll see what the adoption looks like in the next few days, but for sure. It was a huge blow for Elon Musk and his X, which has been slowly weakening.

Threads Instagram app (AppStore link)

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