Windows 11 Tiny everything you need to know

windows 11 mini

One of the reasons for this is the release of Windows 11 and its various versions. Not received with such enthusiastic response from all users is the high level of installation requirements. The requirements are definitely higher than Windows 10, but Microsoft has thought about this and provided us with a solution. In this post we are dedicated to Windows 11 Mini: Here’s everything you need to know about the tool designed for older or low-end PCs.

In general, Windows 11 Tiny can be defined as Solution for installing Windows 11 Pro 22H2 on computers older than 6 years.. Computers that do not meet the installation requirements set by the official version of Windows 11.

It should be noted that at that time Windows also released Tiny 10 to address the same issues that arose in 2015 with the official release of Windows 10. So This concept is not new. It will be more of an improvement.

Windows 11 23H2

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What is Windows 11 Tiny?

Windows 11 Tiny is a “mini” version of Windows 11 (in English it’s called “mini”). small size means “small”) In it we find the entire basic skeleton of a bare-bones operating system. That is, without many features and processes. In this way it will be accomplished. A much lighter versionIt is ideal to run without problems on any computer.

Using a lighter version means a Decreased resource use of our PC It also means having More storage space In our team, there are two important advantages. and in the case of simpler or older computers It has specific characteristics. You could say it’s necessary.

yes, definitely, The basic functions are the same. This includes updates to security patches and application and peripheral drivers, as well as access to the Windows App Store.

Windows 11 Tiny installation requirements

windows 11 mini

As we stated at the beginning The requirements for installing Windows 11 Tiny are much less demanding than the requirements for a regular edition of Windows 11. In fact, that’s why. They are as follows:

  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage space: 8GB

In fact, the operating system occupies only 6.34 GB. The remaining up to 8 GB is used by some basic applications, such as Paint, Notepad or Calculator, for this “mini” OS RAM. It can work with ridiculous numbers up to 200 MB.Although the processing speed is very slow.

How to install Windows 11 Tiny

Install windows 11 mini

If you find yourself in any of the above mentioned situations. If you have a computer (older or less powerful PC) and need to be running the Windows 11 bandwagon, the Tiny solution might be very interesting. Here are the steps to follow if we have already installed Windows 10 on our computer. (recommended method):

  1. First, you need to visit the official website of Tiny 11 on the Internet Archive.
  2. There we must register (free) to access download button From the ISO file, it is important to choose the latest available version.
  3. After downloading we do Double-click the ISO file. to install

In case this method gives you an error or if you want to install on an older version of Microsoft operating system, you will need to follow the steps. Installing from an external drive. for that We must have a specific program. (A highly recommended program is Rufus) and the USB pen drive to be installed. In this case, the steps to follow are as follows:

    1. We download the installer from an external drive and run it by connecting the USB flash drive to our PC to create a bootable USB drive.
    2. Then we restart the PC and access the BIOS by changing the boot order so that Windows runs from the USB drive.
    3. We start the configuration process by selecting the language, time format and keyboard method.
    4. We then accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.
    5. We select the folder where we want to install Windows 11 Tiny Edition and start the process through the installation wizard.

Limitations of Windows 11 Tiny

Windows 11 Lite

Using Windows 11 Tiny is very convenient in some cases. But it is important to know that plagiarism exists. Due to its reduced nature, it has Many features that we may need and which are not included in this version. A watered-down version of Windows 11, also because it’s not an operating system in the strict sense. No automatic updatesAlthough we always have the option to do this ourselves.

On the other hand, since we are talking about alternative versions. The most prudent thing is to take action. Backup of all our data to prevent loss or use in the event we need to perform a quick disaster recovery.


Tiny is the edition. a little of Windows 11 that requires much less disk space and RAM than the official version. Very useful for use on unintended or outdated PCs. Although it has many limitations in use.

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