The iPhone 16 will be Apple’s next iPhone and will launch in September this year. If everything goes according to plan When we get to the month, it’s likely that we’ll already know updates for other devices, like the expected renewal of the iPad or AirPods and even the tenth generation Apple Watch or the Ultra 3. So far, we’ve had some leaks. of what we expect from the iPhone 16 Pro and The first renderings or concepts have been released with leaked information on the images. We tell you everything below.

Smaller Dynamic Island on iPhone 16 Pro

As we said, leaks surrounding the iPhone 16 will become more and more common. It’s not something we know 100%, but history repeats itself every year. These leaks will give us an idea of ​​what is happening in Cupertino with the iPhone 16, what plans they have with the new device and above all. Whether it eventually looks like what the analysts leaked remains to be seen.

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2024 will be the year of AirPods, with two new models and the new AirPods Max.

On this occasion, we have renderings created by @Concept Central. So far we know that Apple has a plan. Increase the screen size of iPhone 16 Pro Up to 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches in two models: Pro and Pro Max are now 6.1 and 6.7 inches, respectively, with the iPhone 15, so the change will be noticeable. We must also consider that Apple can modify Dynamic Island make it smaller This concept represents the idea that Dynamic Island disappears when we know it only exists at a point known as Dot Island.

Included in the concept New video recording button on the side of iPhone, a new button that adds to the existing Action buttons on iPhone 15. This Capture button will allow users to use their iPhone more like a camera without having to press the volume buttons to interact with it. Camera interface and without touching the screen

in the end, It is expected to use a telephoto lens with a 5x magnification power. in both models Improving battery life and the combination of A18 Pro chip, This is necessary for all the artificial intelligence features that Apple wants to develop in iPhone 16 Pro.