Xiaomi launches electronic lock priced at 164 euros

The Xiaomi lock known as “Cat’s Eyes” is a comprehensive device, among which various functions Its can be done. See who’s knocking on the door from a distanceBuilt-in camera, battery life biometric recognition and other functions

This device can Control from mobile devices To see who’s knocking on the door without moving Can be viewed on a smart TV or tablet. To learn more about the features and price (which is crazy), keep reading this article.


Features and functions of the Xiaomi “Cat Eyes” lock

When the doorbell rings at home The first thing we do is look at the “bunion” on the door. This option can be a problem if the hallway is dimly lit or if the person moves to the side. Faced with this type of problem that is common at home, Xiaomi has launched «Smart door lock E20 cat eye» Electronic lock called “Cat’s Eye”

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It is a device that allows us to see who is knocking without having to get close to the door. above all else Everything can be done from your mobile phone and mobile application. connect to lock. Next we will look in more detail at the features of this Xiaomi lock:

fingerprint recognition

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E20 Cat eye can do this. Unlock with fingerprintBefore configuration The system has a built-in fingerprint reader with a recognition level of up to 99.2% and a scan time of up to half a second. In addition to this system It can also be unlocked with a password using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, Bluetooth, or a physical key.

One year battery

The battery of the Xiaomi electronic lock is 5000 mAh lithium, with Autonomy up to one year Under the original operating plan To charge the battery There is a USB-C charging port in case of discharge. There will be a simple system that uses four dry batteries to unlock.

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Video call

With a built-in camera and speaker system So you can start a video call with the person who knocks on your door. That way, you won’t have to open it if you don’t know who it is. Count one. audio editorEspecially so that children They can communicate with the outside world without giving a hint that they are alone.

‘Smart’ electronic locks

This Xiaomi “Cat Eyes” lock has a smart function that allows you to connect to the device remotely. From smartphones to screen sharing and positioning Streaming on Smart TV. Can be part of the home automation ecosystem and increase safety. It is also fully compatible with Xiaomi, Xiaomi’s smart home brand.

2.3 megapixel camera

have meBuilt-in 2.3 megapixel cameraWith an ultra-wide angle of 172° (like a cat’s eye) with these features You will be able to easily see who is knocking on the door. Has full color night vision. Great for looking in dark hallways.

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All functions and features of the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E20 Cat eye are great. They offer a high level of security and protection for your property, goods, and family. Its price is most impressive, around 1,299 yuan, which is equal to 164 euros at the exchange rate. Tell us whether you like this Xiaomi lock and what you think of its price.

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