New design and blood pressure measurement for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Ultra

After this year’s update with minor changes to both the Apple Watch and Ultra models. Several important changes are expected next year. Including new design

According to Mark Gurman, next year’s Apple Watch will have a new design. It is not clearly specified which model it will be. Whether it’s a normal version or an Ultra version, we expect it to be a normal version that will be delivered, stating that Its design is much older than the Ultra’s.It’s just been one year since its launch. It might bring about a new microLED screen, which has been talked about for a long time. But the latest rumor It is guaranteed that this will not be the case until 2025 when this new technology will be introduced.

And so it was. Apple Watch will be 10 years old in 2024.It’s the perfect time to launch the new Apple Watch with a different aesthetic. iPhone Apple Watch

apple watch

Among the design changes I will highlight the slimmer look and new fastening system for the straps that use magnets. This is something Apple has been liking about its products lately, but perhaps the most interesting thing is the new health functionality. Measuring blood pressure and detecting sleep apnea Health problems that are very prevalent in the population. Measuring blood pressure works similarly to temperature. Apple Watch will not provide specific systolic or diastolic blood pressure numbers. But it only detects increased pressure. Arteries are detected through the pulse at the wrist. same as temperature The body area is not the best for this measurement. Which is why we avoid specifics.

Sleep apnea, which is a health problem that causes breathing to stop during sleep It is detected by studying our sleeping and breathing patterns. It is a problem that many people suffer without realizing it. and may cause high blood pressure heart problems and drowsiness during the day. Diagnosis requires a series of studies. polysomnographic This must be done with very specific equipment. But like an electrocardiogram, the Apple Watch will not replace this study. Instead, it alerts users to the possibility of this problem to consult with their doctor.

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