Microsoft To Do, an application that keeps your work up to date

There are many applications and programs that we can integrate into our daily activities. effective Be more organized and productive Not all are equally good, though. In principle There should be a good balance between the possibilities these apps offer and their ease of use. If we take all of them and measure them together. One of the best tools we can find is Microsoft To Do

Maybe it’s time to break up some old habits, like writing things down everywhere, doodling on diary paper. Post a post-it and other methods To manage our daily activities bring order That’s what this application offers us.


What does Microsoft have to do?

Microsoft To Do Cloud-based task management appThe objective is to enable users to manage their daily tasks from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone) in a simple and efficient way. It was created in 2017 by Wonder List It was acquired shortly thereafter by Microsoft, giving it its current name. all It is an expression used in English to indicate a pending work item.

The working of this app is similar to the working of a online meeting agenda. We will be able to create tasks that will be displayed as . Each user can then add the level of precision or complexity they want or need. By adding subtasks Reminders, notes, descriptions, or attachments with a maximum size of 25 MB

A very interesting feature of Microsoft To Do is that it helps us prioritize pending tasks. By arranging tasks according to specified criteria, such as very important or not very important. or more or less urgent

It is necessary to emphasize above all else. “My Day” functionThe cornerstone of the application This is where all the work is organized and presented to the user in a clear and structured way. The app is responsible for reminding us of what we still have left. (unfinished tasks) and the time remaining to complete each task, if any.

There is no doubt that one of its advantages is that Easy to use and very easy to use. These are the main features for users. Because the ultimate idea is to streamline and simplify. It doesn’t add complexity. The lists we create can be color coded and can also be shared with friends, family, classmates. colleague…

Microsoft To Do users are generally very happy with this application. Although they miss out on some features like a calendar view or the ability to use different fonts. Issues that may be fixed in future versions.

Integration with other Microsoft services

Microsoft To Do is an ideal tool for users who work with it regularly. Microsoft 365. As everyone already knows. One of the strengths of this office suite is the possibility of integration between its different tools. This translates into a simplification of processes and results in increased productivity. Here are the tools that can be integrated with Microsoft To Do:

With Outlook

When we mark an email with a red flag in Outlook, it will automatically go to To Do in the form of Conveniently label “To Do” lists with the name of the email subject. All synchronization Users can also add reminders or due dates. above all else

With a planner

All tasks that users assign in Planner immediately appear in Microsoft To Do. These will appear in the section. Similarly, “Assign to your users”. When a task is marked complete in To Do, it will also appear completed in Planner and a corresponding notification will be sent.


There may be other tools. This is more complicated than that, which is mostly intended for large companies and organizations. However, Microsoft To Do is much more convenient for most users. It provides excellent levels and at the same time is easy to manage. In this way we will be able to We can use this application without any problems in various aspects of our life such as work, study or home.

Great help if what we need is to organize all our work. Guarantees of effective work and methods of conduct in our daily life. We must never forget the importance of living an orderly life, not just for the sake of Fulfill all our obligations and obligations.but also desire to reach a certain level mental and emotional balance especially To Do’s help is worth its weight in gold.

The PC desktop version of Microsoft To Do can be downloaded for free via this link. There are also versions for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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