10 healthy eating tools at home that are fat-free and gluten-free

There are many Food recipes for healthy eating and improve your health without having to stop eating delicious food. However, when you don’t have the necessary tools to prepare food, it can have a negative impact on your health. To improve this situation We have created a list of the best appliances to make your food taste good and healthy.

these Equipment for healthy cooking It is inexpensive and when used You will get quality results. Both appearance, texture and taste are good. Below is a list of healthy cooking products you should have at home or in your food business.


10 devices to eat healthy and improve health

Healthy cooking is possible without stopping to eat certain foods. The purpose of these devices is Facilitates and expedites food preparationWithout excessive use of oils, fats, or other products considered “harmful,” let’s take a look at what these products are, how they work, and what benefits they provide:

Juicing machine

A juicer is very useful because Extracts whole foods and vegetablesBy maintaining all features You can combine foods and create quality drinks with lots of nutrients.

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Juicers can be electric or manual. They vary in size and capacity. The liquid comes out of the juicer through an adjustable conduit. where you can place the container you want to fill.

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Cecotec juicer…

  • Electric juicer for oranges and citrus fruits, power 40 watts.
  • It includes a filter with a pulp control that allows you to adjust the amount of pulp in the juice. Two removable cones for small or large citrus fruits.

Steamer for healthy eating

with With a steamer you can cook healthy food in minutes.There is no need to use oil or other ingredients. This product cooks food using steam in a completely healthy way. With the design of some models and brands You can cook several items at once.

For this reason, there are many compartments for placing food. To adjust the temperature there is a dial or in some cases a digital display with buttons. This allows you Control the heat and cooking time. of each channel

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Seacotech steamer…

  • Electric steamer for steaming food, preserving nutrients, rice preparation bowl 1 liter, stainless steel, power 800 watts.
  • Cook up to 3 dishes at a time with 3 containers. 9 liter capacity supports cooking eggs and the non-electric parts are suitable for the dishwasher.

slow cooking casserole

at slow cooking casserole It is an excellent container for cooking healthy food. Its job is to prepare food under a constant internal temperature. So the cooking will be even and complete.

It is perfect forCooking food that needs to be cooked for a long time Guaranteed to be fully cooked and healthy. Has a side handle system for ease of movement. It comes with a digital display or button to control the temperature and cooking time.

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Crockpot boiling pot…

  • Easy to use: add ingredients, turn on the pot, select cooking time. And don’t worry until it’s time to eat. Prepare recipes for meat, fish, vegetables, legumes, desserts, cakes, yogurt, bread…
  • Enhance the flavor and texture of your food It preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients better.

Bread maker for healthy eating

it is Equipment for making bread at homeIt is small, compact, lightweight and portable, which allows you to prepare bread anywhere. You just need to pour in all the ingredients needed to prepare the bread. And the machine will do all the kneading and food preparation. When ready The same equipment will cook bread in just a few minutes.

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Moulinex OW6101 Home…

  • Bread maker for homemade bread and baguettes: special tray with knife and bread brush for making delicious baguettes Bread loaves up to 1.5 kg in a baking tray with non-stick coating.
  • 16 automatic programs: add ingredients, choose a program and the machine will do the work for you: from kneading to baking.

kitchen size

With a kitchen scale you can Control your food weight and create customized meals.. Ideal for evenly distributing food. Save on ingredients and get quality results These devices may be digital or analog. It has a button that allows you to change the measurement unit as needed.

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Etekcity EK6015, scale…

  • 4 HIGH-PRECISION SENSOR: 5kg/11lb capacity and 1g/0.01oz division, convenient for weighing fruits, grains, meat or other liquids. in your kitchen
  • Easy to use when Tare: After weighing a container or bowl, press the Tare button after the reading returns to zero. The net weight of the subsequent additives can be weighed.

grill plate

It is a device made for Cook healthy food and get professional results Steel plates are made of ceramic, steel or aluminum. It is completely smooth. But because it’s a sieve The surface is therefore corrugated. Helps various foods It has a particularly beautiful appearance, such as vegetables, meat, poultry, or fish.

this Equipment for healthy cooking that doesn’t require oil. on its surface Just turn it on. and by heating with an iron You can place food. The disadvantages are that they are powered by electricity and tend to be large, making them a bit difficult to store.

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Seacotec Grill…

  • The electric grill has a power of 750 watts and can be turned to 180 degrees to make the most of the cooking space.
  • RockStone coating provides the best non-stick and cleanability.

silicone case

The silicone case is used to place food and start completely healthy steam cooking. This material is high temperature resistant, non-stick and very durable. Best of all, it doesn’t change the taste of food and doesn’t require any oils or other fats. It’s also easy to clean and can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

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Lékué platinum silicone…

  • The Lékué steamer box allows you to cook in the healthiest and easiest way with a sufficient variety of food. while retaining all nutritional value
  • Cooking in a microwave or oven is more nutritious than frying and boiling in traditional cooking.

egg hunter

Healthy eggs are usually hard-boiled with the shell on. With an egg drill you can do it. Make healthy eggs without the shell.The results are similar to fried eggs but will contain oil or fat.

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This device has a special feature in that it has a container into which eggs must be cracked. It is placed in a pot with boiling water and the structure cooks the pot. But there is no risk of breakage. Helps maintain the egg’s shape and integrity. To get fried eggs without oil

The egg cooker is held from the outside of the pot by a fireproof and high heat resistant silicone sleeve. Reduce the risk of burns and speed up the egg-cooking process.

OXO good handle -…

  • SAFE: Heat-resistant silicone is easy to clean and folds flat for compact storage.
  • Non-toxic: Kitchen utensils are made from high quality silicone and do not contain bisphenol A. Designed to imitate traditional poaching methods in Bain Marie.

Air fryer for healthy eating

An air fryer is a product that allows you Prepare a plate with fried meat.But no need to use oil. Use hot air to surround the entire food. and makes food look crispy and golden

This product is characterized by a removable container for placing the product to be fried. This may vary based on capacity or volume. There is a handle that allows you to remove the storage unit. digital screen or buttons that can control time and heat energy

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Cecotec fryer without…

  • A deep fryer that allows you to cook food with just a tablespoon of oil. To get more healthy results
  • 6 liter capacity tank, can cook large amounts of food, 1700 watts of power, cooks every dish quickly. Excellent results in every recipe thanks to PerfectCook technology of hot air circulating inside and coming out through holes in the back.

glass shaker

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for Eat healthy and have good results.Time is important With a blender You can easily mix food and grind it. Ideal for preparing smoothies, games, sauces, creams or food condiments. Some models are digital with a screen or manual control to program the speed.

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Cecotec glass blender…

  • Glass blender with powerful 1000 watt motor and 23000 rpm speed. Get the perfect grind instantly. 6 blades designed to keep the food moving continuously. and guarantees a detailed and uniform result in a short time.
  • Black titanium coated blade Long-lasting maximum hardness and sharpness Can grind all types of food Heavy-duty cast glass jar with 1.5 liter capacity and convenient pour spout to prevent stains and splashes.

with these products There will be no excuses at home to eat healthy. With a variety of functions So you can get quality food. Both taste and texture are good. You will not need to use any other oils or fats. In eating healthy and quality food without having to invest a lot of money, time, and effort What gadgets do you have or would like to have at home?

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