The best accessories to keep your home clean easily.

Keeping your home clean is an activity that you must constantly do to avoid the spread of pollutants that are harmful to your health. However, this work It is often very boring or annoying.But with the accessories we’ll discuss below, the cleaning job will be fun and easy.

These accessories will help you. Keep your home clean without much effort. And with great results It also helps speed up the cleaning process in a satisfying and quality manner. If you want your house to be tidy in no time, Here are the accessories you should know about.


6 accessories to keep your home clean

One of the most boring tasks that no one wants to do at home is cleaning. When thinking of this Many brands and companies have dedicated themselves to producing cleaning products and accessories. Each has functions that can be controlled remotely or programmed directly from your mobile phone or smart device. Below is a small list. but most suitable 6 accessories to keep your home clean: :

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ozone generator

What does an ozone generator do? Keep your home clean and free from harmful particles. in the environment Artificial ozone production improves the quality of the air you breathe. It will disinfect the area. make the air fresh and fight microorganisms It also serves to eliminate odors, bacteria, viruses, and dirt.

Its use is totally beneficial to health. and does not affect humans, pets, or any furniture, artefacts, or materials that come into contact with it. Works quietly but is large. It can be programmed manually or remotely using a telephone device.

Mamibot W120-T glass cleaner

he Mamibot W120-T is an intelligent robot. Designed to clean windows quickly and completely efficiently. Ideal to use on high shelves to achieve quality results without damaging the surface. Clean both internal and external parts. It is controlled by a mobile application that manages all functions of the robot.

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It has a square shape that is perfect for Clean corners and edges without anything escaping.It has an intelligent system that calculates the best route to start cleaning and finish it satisfactorily. to clean Use a microfiber cloth that helps keep the glass clean. Can clean glass or wood. And can be used with a motor of 2,200 rpm, rotating and suction up to 3,000 Pa.

Mamibot W120-T cleaning solution…

  • ❤ Durable, Innovative Design – With innovative design to improve efficiency, easy to use, powerful repair system. Multifunctional that covers all your simple cleaning needs. 12 month guarantee.
  • ❤Various cleaning modes – just start with the press of a button. Set cleaning points With a remote that makes work easy and smart. It also supports mobile app control.

portable germicidal lamp

these lamps They work with ultraviolet light. That can kill all types of microorganisms, including their ability to reproduce. Ideal for disinfecting areas from various types of bacteria and viruses, the lamp is portable, rechargeable, easy to use and carry. Suitable for use at home, on site and in the car.

Addot – Disinfectant…

  • POWERFUL UV-C LIGHT AND OZONE TECHNOLOGY: Kills 99.9% of germs using short wavelength ultraviolet light without the use of liquids or chemicals.
  • EASY TO USE: Charge via USB, then just click the on/off button. When the indicator turns blue Indicates that the disinfectant gel is ready to use. When fully charged Disinfecting gel can be used 5-8 times.

vertical vacuum cleaner

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It is a type of vacuum cleaner used. Automatically cleans floors and carpets. It has a motor that can suck up all types of garbage through a nozzle at the end. Vertical orientation makes it easier to use and reach hard-to-reach areas. With a long and powerful neck This makes it possible to clean without having to move anything at home. These models may or may not have cables. And some of the brands sold include Black & Decker, Dreame, Electrolux or Midea.

Eureka NEW300 vacuum cleaner…

  • 【Strong Suction Power and High Stability】The 550W dual motor vacuum cleaner has strong suction power. Eureka NEW300 mop vacuums and cleans simultaneously. Water spray button helps remove dirt easily.
  • 【Two Tank System for Continuous Cleaning with Clean Water】880ml water tank and 420ml dirty water tank separate clean water and dirt. Helps to clean better. You can add cleaning solution or disinfectant to the clean water to thoroughly clean the floor.

Electric handheld cleaning brush

These types of brushes have different functions that help keep your home clean without much effort. Can be recharged via USB port. Power to remove all types of dirt Even stains that are difficult to remove

They can be used on wood, metal, aluminum, walls, furniture, etc. They can also be used to clean upholstery, mattresses, furniture, carpets, and more. They come with different heads, sizes, and powers.

Electric tabletop vacuum cleaner

Electric tabletop vacuums are great for keeping your home clean. It works like a large fan that quickly removes particles and contaminants. All waste that is sucked in is stored in a bag that is easy to remove and place in the trash. They charge through the USB port.

Cuteefun vacuum cleaner…

  • 【Rechargeable Battery】Built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery, continuous cleaning time up to 120 minutes, just charge 3-4 hours.
  • 【Energy Saving】The auto-off function turns off when the tabletop vacuum cleaner is not in use for 15 minutes, ensuring high durability on a single charge.

With these devices You can keep your home clean and more comfortable. By changing from boring work to fun work. There are also various functions. that you can control from your mobile phone Makes use even easier Which of these accessories do you like best or which would you recommend?

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