Learn how to remove and add watermarks in Excel.

Microsoft office programs have a wide range of functionality. and on this occasion We would like to highlight the possibility of adding or deleting. Watermark in Excel

This is a simple method. To better protect your spreadsheets And for this reason You should know this information. Read on to discover new Excel tips.

What is a watermark in Excel and what is it for?

This is a feature available in the Office programs that we can do. Insert a picture or transparent text into the background of a document. This is especially the case in the background of a spreadsheet.

It may serve several purposes:

  • Visual identity and professionalism With this function We can insert company logos into documents to identify reports and presentations. We can also use it to add the name of the project, date, or other information. related And it makes for a very professional final step.
  • Protecting sensitive information If we use a watermark in Excel with the word “confidential” or another warning message We will alert anyone who views the document that the content is subject to special protection.
  • Personalization Sometimes these drawings or transparent text are used simply to improve the aesthetic appearance of the spreadsheet. To give them a creative touch
  • Distinguish version or state When we work with multiple versions of a spreadsheet Adding this type of marker helps us know which version we’re working with or where the document is.
  • Author Protection The main reason why watermarks are often used in documents is to protect the author of the work. Prevent duplicates without specifying the author.

How to add a watermark in Excel

It’s different from what happened with Word. Excel does not have integrated functionality that allows us to add watermarks directly. suspicious things This is because protecting the data collected in spreadsheets and the spreadsheet authors can be especially important.

In any case Just because a program doesn’t have this function by default doesn’t mean we can’t use it. Why?e We have the possibility of adding a page header. which performs the same function

To achieve this goal We will open the Excel document that we want to work with. Now we go to the top of the screen to click on the menu. “insert” From the toolbar

Then click on The spreadsheet presentation will automatically change to “Header and Footer” for the spreadsheet presentation. “Design perspective”. In the section “section” We include the text that we want to use as a water image. Selecting both fonts and colors only if we deem it necessary. Finally, we adjust the size of the word or words.

Since we want it to be a watermark in Excel, the size must be quite large. This is because the final result takes up all or most of the page.

in the end, We place the cursor at the beginning of the word and press Enter. as many times as necessary until the text is positioned as high as we want it to appear within the spreadsheet.

If we want to add a picture instead of one or more words. We can do exactly the same thing. But when we go to the menu “Header and Footer Tools” we will click on the “Image” icon to Add the one we have on our team.

When we have the text or image in the desired location. Click outside the text box and We check that the elements we added are inserted automatically. It’s like a watermark in Excel.

An important fact to remember is that This type of mark is not displayed in the “normal view” of the document. To appreciate its presence, we need to go to “Page Layout” or “Print Preview”.

How to remove a watermark

Now that you know how to insert a watermark As you can imagine, removing a watermark is just as easy: it’s basically the same steps but in reverse.

If you use Excel’s search tool and type “header” tThe “Header and Footer” menu will immediately appear. Clicking it will launch the text box or image with the watermark in it. Click on it and delete the content directly. When you click outside the text box again The mark should disappear. To check, go to “Print Preview” or “Page Layout” and make sure nothing is anymore visible on the spreadsheet’s background.

How to provide maximum protection for your Excel workbooks

Watermarks in Excel are a great way to add extra protection to your spreadsheets. But as we have seen Deletion is quick and easy for anyone with permission to edit the document. And this causes a slight decrease in performance.

To improve the security of your documents and cannot manage watermarks and other data without your permission. The best way is to protect it with a password. This way, Only authorized users can view and edit content.

You must follow these steps:

  • Open the book you want to protect.
  • follow the path “Review” > “Changes” > “Protect Book”
  • In the dialog box that appears, type “structure”.
  • Add a password in the dedicated field for the password. Try to choose one that is easy for you to remember and difficult for others to find.
  • Click on “accept” and type your password again to confirm. Select again “accept”.
  • If you go back to the “Reviews” tab, you will see that icon. “Protect the book” It is highlighted, which means that the content is now specially protected.
  • From now on Anyone without the password cannot access the spreadsheet or edit the workbook’s content or structure.

Watermarks in Excel are very useful and easy to insert. Feel free to use it to make your spreadsheets look more professional.

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