How much does the Xiaomi laser engraving machine cost?

Xiaomi Laser Engraving Machine

Xiaomi has launched a Machines that can carve many types It uses a laser that creates a silk screen. It is a technique for printing images and text onto all types of materials such as wood, leather, and others.

The presentation of this machine was held on December 20th in China and Xiaomi has used a sub-brand of Xiaomi. (Xiaomi Smart Home) preparing to launch If you want to know more about this product, its uses, price and when you can buy it. Please continue reading this article.


How does the Xiaomi engraving machine work?

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Xiaomi passed it Smart home line named MiyaScreen printing engraving machine has been launched. This technique is widely used because it allows you to print all types of images and text on various types of materials.

The technology used compresses the points. to get a vertical point of approximately 0.25 millimeters at High engraving precisionSuitable for complex designs and very delicate materials. The device has a very compact and elegant design. Ideal for use at home to identify items. Or just create a new style for your decor.

When engraving, the machine uses a Blue light laser system 450 mmThe power is about 3 watts, suitable for engraving images and text on tough materials such as leather, wood, plastic, canvas, etc. The best thing is that with this technology The recorder does not require ink or a printer. This reduces energy consumption. Moreover, the laser energy consumption is also low.

The structure consists of a black metal arm and a base on which the objects to be recorded must be placed. To print images or text on the material We just have to do it. Upload design to Mijia app Then the whole screen printing process is controlled.

How much does the Xiaomi engraving machine cost?

at Xiaomi Laser Engraving Machine It’s priced under $200, but it’s only for the Asian market. For the rest of the world The price will be around $249. However, to order the device You’ll have to wait until December 29th, when it’s enabled for shipping. After placing an order at the end of December You’ll have to wait at least two more weeks to receive it at home.

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Xiaomi is once again betting on innovative technology in the world of printing, such as 3D printers. This was demonstrated with a laser engraving machine. This is very useful in customizing all types of materials. Moreover, with a beautiful design So no one noticed. And no one will notice that we own it. If you are a screen printing lover This product will be very useful for you. What do you think about this product? Will you buy it?

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