Learn how to reduce weight in PDF files.

This is how the weight of PDF files is reduced.

The PDF format has become one of the most commonly used formats in professional and academic fields. Because it provides extra security to the content. This reduces the possibility of manipulation. However, when we work with long documents The weight of documents can become an issue when sending or saving. To solve this problem, we will explain How to lose weight PDF file

A simple choice That removes weight from the file without affecting the content. This way, it’s much easier to share with others or save to your device.


Why do you need to reduce the weight of PDF files?

Why You Should Lighten Your PDF Files

Knowing the functions that we are going to explain to you today will be very useful because they can save you from more than one problem.

  • Makes sending and sharing easy Smaller PDF files are easier to email and share through other online services, as many of these services have limits on the size of files that can be exchanged.
  • Save space and storage If you work with a lot of PDF documents, reducing their weight can help you make more use of the storage space you have on your computer or external memory.
  • Website loads quickly If the PDF document you are creating is about to be uploaded to a website. Less weight helps to load documents quickly. This greatly improves the user experience.
  • Optimization for mobile devices We increasingly use our mobile phones to consult information in various formats. If you want to view documents on a mobile screen The smaller size makes it easier to open and read.
  • Improved release efficiency By reducing the weight of PDF files, we make it much faster for recipients to download files.

What does PDF weight reduction mean?

When you reduce the weight of a PDF file, do you lose quality?

When you reduce the weight of a PDF file, what you do is reduce its storage size, that is. We made it take up less space when stored. on the device

Weight of PDF or other digital files It is measured in kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB).And what we’re interested in in this case is making it as light as possible. We can achieve this in a number of ways:

Image compression

Reducing the amount of information needed to display an image But it does not affect the quality of the image.

There are those who choose to adapt. Reduce the quality of the image. to make the document less weighty But this may affect the final display. Therefore it is not recommended.

Elimination of unnecessary resources

In some documents in PDF format We search for additional resources such as redundant fonts, colors, and graphical objects. These can be deleted to reduce file size. without affecting the quality of the content

Text compression

The most common is to compress text without sacrificing readability. Make PDFs less weighty

Deleting metadata

Metadata is data that provides additional information about a document. (Created time Author’s identity corrections made, etc.) if not absolutely necessaryCan be deleted to reduce file size.

How can you reduce the weight of a PDF file?

There is a specific web page used to reduce the size of PDF files. We’ll talk about that later. But we find it interesting that you know you can do that too. Do it with tools you may already have installed on your computer.

Reduce the weight of PDF files with Word

If you have Word or another similar text editor You can remove weight from PDF files. You just need to open them with this application. and convert it from PDF to a format usable by your text editor.

Once you’ve opened it in Word, click the “File” button in the top toolbar and click. “Export” and click “Create PDF/XPS Document” Next, a menu will open with options to save the document. At the very bottom you will see the option “Minimum size (online publication)”. Select it and click on “Publish”. The result is a PDF file that weighs much less than the original.

Reduce the weight of PDFs with external applications

There are many platforms that allow us to reduce the weight of PDF files for free. Some of the most notable ones are the following:

Although there may be slight differences between them. But what they have in common is that the operation is quick and easy. The basic steps are as follows:

  • You access the platform you want to use. and select the weight reduction function to PDF. Most of these tools offer other options for working with documents in this format, such as cutting, merging documents, etc. But in this case, what we need is weight reduction.
  • You upload a document For this this will be enough. Drag it to the work window. or download from your device
  • You shrink in size. Once the document has been uploaded You confirm that you want to lose weight and let the platform do the work.
  • Download new version In just a few seconds, you will have a new, lighter version of your PDF.

You don’t have to worry about security and confidentiality. This type of platform is very secure and will delete the content uploaded by users so that third parties cannot access it illegally.

Online PDF compressors are flexible, secure, and very easy to use. Therefore, it is a good choice to remove weight from PDF documents in just a few minutes.

With the ease of dividing documents into smaller pieces You have no more excuses. Reduces the weight of PDF files and will be easier to share and store.

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