Learn how to download Spotify music to your computer for free.

How to download music from Spotify

Having the Spotify albums, songs, and videos you want on your computer without connecting to the application is possible for every user. without having to pay for a premium account. How to download music from Spotify when ordering?

The process is quite simple. But at the same time it is extensive. However, by following the detailed step-by-step instructions You’ll be able to have the music and entertainment content you want ready in record time.


How to download Spotify songs to your computer?

The first thing you should know is that Spotify lets you download songs from the platform to listen to content without connecting to the internet. However, the service is only available to premium users. If you have the free version of Spotify and want to have that favorite album at hand, Or want to listen to podcasts from your computer? and even Save it on your mobile.Here are the steps you need to follow:

To download music from Spotify to your computer You must install a tool that allows us to import that file and Convert to MP3 format There are many options available on the internet. But today we’re going to show you some of the most popular, safe, and free options you can use:

How to download music from Spotify with Sidify?

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How to download music from Spotify

Sidify is the most used platform. This helps us how to download music from Spotify to your PC. There is a paid version and a free version. However, the most noticeable difference between the two options is the download speed. You are left with just a few easy steps. You will always have the top hits from your favorite artists on your computer:

  • Go to the official Sidify website and download the installer. There is a version for Windows and another for MacOS.

Sidify program for downloading music from Spotify

  • Installation is easy It just asks you to customize some options, such as the storage path for songs to be downloaded from Spotify.
  • Once installed and the storage folder found You must be signed in to your Spotify account.

Copy the album link on Spotify

  • Find the album, song, or content you want to download and copy the link. To do this you will need Click on the three dots. at the top of the screen You need to look for the “Share” option and then click on it. “Copy album link”

Album search bar in Spotify

  • In Sidify, a large writing or search bar appears where You need to paste the link and press Enter..
Download music from Spotify

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record: Since this is the first time you are using Sidify to download Spotify songs to your computer. It is important to start with the tea configuration and file format. I recommend selecting MP3 at 320 kbps.But if you have another format, you can use it without any problems.

  • When you press Enter, a new window will appear listing all the songs contained in the album available for download. You can uncheck some and download only the ones you’re interested in. When ready, press the “OK” button.

List of Spotify songs to download on PC

  • The next thing that will be displayed – if you are using Sidify for free – is the option to pay for the premium version. You can do this if you want, or press the “No, thanks” button.
  • All that’s left is to wait for the program to download the music to your computer. You just need to go to the initially designated storage path and start listening to your music.
Apple Music and Spotify

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According to the creators of Sidify This tool has no download limits.However, when an album has hundreds of songs, Problems may appear when downloading. You can add tracks separately. Or just choose the tracks that really interest you. What are you waiting for? Start downloading songs from Spotify and tell us how it goes and Take advantage of sharing your playlists. In the comments let others download.

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