How can every mobile device be charged wirelessly?

wireless charging

There are no mobile phones that can charge the battery via wireless chargingOnly some high-end devices have this technology. If your phone still needs to be connected to a long cord to charge 100%, it’s time for you to know. How to quickly and easily deploy this technology.

How to make every mobile phone have wireless charging? The solution is simple: You need a special adapter.It sits on the back of your computer and connects to a USB-C port. On the internet, you’ll find many options. But we will tell you which option is the best.


How does a wireless charging adapter work?

wireless charging adapter Inductive charging Or the receiver with Qi technology has the ability to capture energy created in electromagnetic waves. available on the surface of the mobile phone Designed to withstand high temperatures, humidity, and corrosion.

Designs may vary depending on the manufacturer. But they are generally much smaller than normal mobile phones. USB cable connected to the device’s charging portIts body is still attached to the back of the phone. This creates a very efficient charging field, similar to PowerBank, but different in weight, size, price, and charging technology.

Which adapter should you buy?

There are many options available on the internet. But today I’m going to introduce you to a high quality, light and very powerful adapter called MyMax, which is a very fast QI receiver, with High current output 5V/1300mA

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It is designed with large copper coils encasing the smart chipset which helps. Increase charging time by up to 30%Its body consists of a thin covering. that no one noticed The connectors are made of steel and are quite durable to plug and unplug from the device.

Frequently asked questions about wireless charging adapters

Wireless charging receiver

A shift away from having conventional mobile devices with wired charging systems. It comes in a case so thin that it’s completely invisible. But it is highly durable, powerful and effective. This may cause some doubts. This is especially true when it comes to computer batteries. There are many myths and truths that many users do not know. Below we present the most common questions when searching for or installing a receiver with Qi technology:

Does it damage the battery faster?

wireless charging adapter Doesn’t damage the battery faster. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before using them, namely: How quickly and at what temperature will your device’s battery charge up when it is in the charging process? If there are few or no answers There is no need to worry, however, if the response is quick or immediate. It’s possible that your battery is in its final stages and needs to be replaced. But it’s not the adapter’s fault.

How safe are wireless charging adapters?

In general, This type of Qi wireless adapter or receiver They are quite safe.. Not harmful to equipment. But it improves loading speed. Make it faster and more logistical. Since no wiring is required, however, more heat may be generated as compared to that generated by wires.

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Can all phones be charged wirelessly?

Yes, every smart mobile phone can have wireless charging when it comes to charging the battery. Some devices come with this technology from the factory. Requires an adapter. You just have to look for the model that suits you best. This depends on the type of charging port you have, including your iPhone’s Lightning port.

How effective is wireless charging?

wireless charging battery

The efficiency of wireless charging on devices compared to charging via wires is much higher, although Everything will depend on the adapter.Design and material of your coil If you buy a cheap and poorly made inductive charging converter, Overall charging results will be poor. Additionally, they may be very insecure.

Is the wireless charger always on?

They are active and functional only when connected to a mobile device. Otherwise, it is completely inefficient and cannot provide service. Moreover, when the equipment reaches its maximum load, The charging process will be interrupted. to prevent overload

How long does it take to charge a wireless charger?

Battery charging times connected to the wireless charging adapter may vary. It depends on the device to be charged and the receiver, however, on average it can take around three hours to go from 10% to 100%.

A wireless charging adapter can be a good solution for people who use their devices very often and discharge them quickly. Restoring the battery to 100% is very efficient and saves a lot of time. It is also light, easy to use and adapts to all mobile phones. Do you want your team to have this charging system?

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