Meanwhile, developers are wondering what’s new in iOS 17.2.1 and testing the first developer beta of iOS 17.3. They are also responsible for directing the development of iOS 18. The new operating system will debut at WWDC24 in June. iOS 18 will include new features. Excellent about artificial intelligence and Leaked iOS 18 startup code reveals new iPhone 16 features: There will be four models, all using the same chip, the A17 chip. Below we’ll tell you all the details.

‘Crystal’ codename for iOS 18 reveals new iPhone 16 features

Apparently in Cupertino they work in parallel on the development of several operating systems. But without a doubt one of the most important teams is the project team. crystal, Apple internal code name for iOS 18. Apparently, according to MacRumors, they had access to the first initial code of the operating system and were able to begin revealing some information. For example: There will be four different iPhone 16 models. As suspected until now: iPhone 16, 16 Plus, 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max, there is currently no trace of the iPhone 16 Ultra.

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Also revealed that All iPhone 16 models will have the same chip. This is the t8140 chip or Tahiti which is the code name used by Apple or the same. A17 chipRemember that for many years Apple has made a difference in the chips of the standard and Pro models, leaving new chips developed last year for the latter. However, this may change in the iPhone 16, due to all There will be an A17 chip, but there may be Two models: A17 Chip and A17 Pro Chip For Pro version

from American media They guarantee that they can’t evaluate much further on iOS 17, as the leaked version discussing iOS 18 is still in the early stages of development. We’ll see what happens next. There will be iOS 18 analysis, ideas, and leaks every week.

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