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Quitting your smoking habit is not easy. But it takes a lot of willpower and perseverance. Fortunately, even new technology It can help you in many ways. One of the most popular is Mobile Application to Quit Smoking in Play Store The best thing we will talk about today.

The availability of these types of apps is quite extensive. Although we have rounded up the best apps for you. Each method has its own specific method. Although we can assure you that those methods are quite effective..Of course you will have to put in your best effort. But with the help of these applications it will be much easier.

Here are some mobile applications where you can quit smoking:


Leave now

This is not just any app because The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends it to help you. In case you are trying to quit smoking, thereby greatly improving the quality of your life and that of those around you.

How can this app help you quit smoking?

  • When starting this difficult task, the app You will track details of your non-smoking days.Number of cigarettes you stopped lighting Including the money saved in the process.
  • It is necessary to maintain inspiration so as not to lose momentum. This app takes care of that internally. Encourage you with your success and congratulate you every day. for them.
  • Join in the active community of this app. It consists of people like you who are trying to quit smoking.. Express your doubts, feelings and thoughts.
  • You will find an entire section specifically related to Answer any questions and concerns you have.
  • In case you want to read some books that will educate those who find themselves in this situation. The app will help you. It will feature the most popular ones in that category.

If you are trying to help yourself with technology This is one of the most popular apps for quitting smoking. Find it for free in the Play Store. With more than a million downloads and good reviews from internet users.

Easy Quit

This app is one of the most versatile quit smoking apps that we can find in the entire Play Store. There is a mode to slowly quit smoking.Collection of scientifically proven statistics and information. It also keeps you motivated and helps you give your best. If you are wondering, its functions and tools leave nothing to be desired.

The most outstanding features are:

  • It has an entire section dedicated to motivation. This is considered one of the most important drives to maintain spiritual integrity.
  • Quitting smoking overnight is very difficult. This is because nicotine dependence is too severe for people who have been dependent on it for a long time. To do this The app has a mode to slowly stop the process. which has been proven effective
  • Portable Registration and control of all the money you save every day. without consuming cigarettes
  • app Presenting fun mini-games for you. That will help you better manage your anxiety and desire to smoke.
  • Get a badge For each achievement you unlock

This application can be found in the Google App Store. Can be customized according to your needs. along with the various topics you can find there. It has a lot of favorable reviews. It has positioned itself as one of the most popular applications for quitting smoking.

QuitNow Flamy

Simple, easy to use and really works. This app has everything to get rid of the harmful habit of smoking once and for all.. It offers you different plans to get rid of your smoking habit. Whether it’s to quit smoking gradually or make a short-term plan to speed up.

The aspects we like most about this app are:

  • In this app You will find all the support you need. To stay true to your purpose.
  • Set savings goals and goals To motivate you even more
  • This application It will analyze situations that show increased stress for you. And it will help you defeat them.
  • It will motivate you every day. With quite a variety of inspirational cards.
  • Find useful tips so as not to fall into temptation
  • Be proud of your achievements.The application will notify you daily about each item.
  • he Blends perfectly with your smart matter the model or brand
  • Play the fun and stress-relieving mini-games this app offers for your entertainment.

is More than 500,000 downloads you can find in this app. It has also garnered very favorable reviews, with a rating of 4.7 stars, which shows its success and effectiveness in helping users with their tasks.

Help to quit smoking

In this free app, you can find refuge during the quitting process. It’s like being a personal assistant or motivational coach.This app will help you never give up and stay steady in your purpose.

In the application you can find Inspirational lessons as well as tracking your success and progress.. There are also other features:

  • Always be inspired With exciting prizes
  • Portable Controlling your health status And he got better after abandoning this harmful habit.
  • The app is very lightweight. in your download
  • The user interface is very simple and simple.

Find this app in the Play Store where it is free. Reviews are good. In addition to receiving an overall rating of 4.8 stars. and downloads exceeding six figures.

We hope that this article Take the initial step towards quitting smoking with these mobile applications. which I have revealed to you Let us know in the comments what you think. And if you know others you would like to refer for this purpose, we read your mind.

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