How to follow the chimes of New Year’s Eve 2023 from your iPhone or iPad

2023 has come to an end and today, December 31st, we have our conclusion. We hope it will be a year full of success and good news. And tonight we will give Starting in 2024 in bell sound This night is called new year’s eve. As you know There are many possibilities for following the bell: public television. personal television regional media or online media next, We leave you with the best and main ways to follow the bells. And you can welcome the year 2024 with traditional grapes.


Plenty of options to welcome 2024 from your iPhone or iPad.


Public television at the state level is one of the most subscribed options every year to follow the bells and whistles. This year the person directing the show will be a legend. Ramon Garcia and popular artists Ana MinaThey will also be joined by soccer player and world champion Jennifer Hermoso, who will congratulate the previous two and welcome the year 2024 an hour later. (Peninsula time) or at midnight. (Canary Islands time) The person responsible for giving Ringing the bell again will be Roberto Herrera and artist Nia

If you want to follow the live program You just need to download the RTVE A la Carta app and tune in to La 1 around 11:50 PM to follow the chimes.

A3 Media

There is no doubt that one of the most followed options that creates a lot of anticipation every year is the chime. Antenna 3. The person responsible for ringing the bell is the cook. Alberto Chicote and presenter Christina Pedroche. In the past few years They were responsible for ringing the bells and were the preferred way for the Spaniards to ring the bells. All of this is achieved above all by the expectations of the dress. ‘La Pedroche’

Another affiliate of the group sixth He also had his own bell ringing for another year. Christina Pardo and Dani Mateo

Both broadcasts can be followed through the group’s official app. which you can follow at the following link:

Media set

Mediaset, another major private television group, has canceled its Bell offering on Cuatro to focus on its broadcasts. Telecinco. The person responsible for directing the ringing of the bells in this group will be Jesus Calleja and Marta Fleisch And they will do it since Seville City Council, And thus it was decided to put an end to the traditional Plaza de Sol square in Madrid.

You can follow live broadcasts of both channels and we can use Mitele, an app used by Mediaset to share content on mobile devices.

Twitch: Ibai Llanos, TheGrefg, DJMaRiio and Noe

And finally another year Ibai Lanos, The best streamer of the year will also be directing a special on his Twitch channel. He’ll be doing it in collaboration with the YouTuber. The Gravek, and two other influencers/YouTubers, DJMaRiio and Noe, they will be doing it on PortAventura’s main theater

to follow him We will have to download Twitch on our iPhone or iPad and access his profile from where the live broadcast will start a few minutes before the end of the year.

Have you left yet? You may need a VPN.

If you are abroad You will need to use the official website of each network mentioned above to watch the broadcast online. In doing this You can use a VPN connection which allows you Connect to a website from a location other than where you are to unblock content.Some of the best apps that use VPN within the App Store are the following:

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