5 best apps for kids to help with learning

The uses that we can attribute to our mobile devices are extremely diverse. One of them is for education, especially in the early stages of life, which plays a very interesting and important role. Today it’s accurate. We will talk about the most popular applications for children that help in learning.

Children’s interactions with technology There is nothing dangerous about it, on the contrary, it is necessary to encourage this from an early age. Of course, it’s important to focus on the issues you really care about, such as the issues these apps take care of.The best thing is that you can help improve your child’s education for free and with great access.

Here are some of the best children’s applications that help with learning:

junior turntables


This app is specially designed for children between 5 and 7 years old, but The aim is to help them program their own interactive games. The way the app works is pretty simple. Although it greatly contributes to the development of logical thinking and creativity.

In it, babies must mark blocks that carry graphic animations with them. which these things lead to The characters will perform various activities such as dancing and moving. The best features of this app are:

  • Simple user interfacePleasant and very easy to use.
  • each Characters are highly customizable.You can add your own voice and photos.
  • There are many characters to choose from. Can be added to stories
  • Count one too. Many possible actions Movement, inserting sounds to create a very entertaining story.
  • You are able to Insert the background you want.Or just select one from the gallery.

If you are wondering that this application will bring many positive benefits in your baby’s intellectual development. Of course, keep in mind that at first it can be a little difficult to fully understand how it works. Therefore, you should take the time to explain and avoid frustration for your child. The app has more than 5 million downloads and good reviews from users.

Khan Academy Kids

One of the best applications for children that helps with learning is without a doubt this one. It focuses on teaching math and English to young children at home. This app has been carefully designed by early learning experts.It also helps to acquire all kinds of skills in important areas such as mathematics, reading, writing, pronunciation and the social and emotional development of each child.

All of the app’s content is organized into carefully curated lists of lessons, activities, and content. Definitely for ages 2 to 8. Content is categorized and individualized.The app has more than 5 million downloads and a 4.6-star rating.


If you want your child to learn mathematics in a more satisfying and easier way. You need help from this app. No matter how old your child is. The app easily adapts to your learning level.Above all else It seemed to be nothing more than an entertainment game full of adventure. Because that’s the way it was designed.

Among the most prominent and popular aspects of this app. We can find:

  • at The stories that serve as the plot of the app are very entertaining and interesting. In addition to having to complete the entertainment mission.
  • exists More than 25 levels where you have to overcome many obstacles. and unexpected surprises
  • Educational content you can find in this app. Has been developed with maximum efficiency To make the learning process more fun. strengthen mathematics

One million downloads and reviews, most of which are still positive, is what this app has accumulated. It’s easy to download and frequently used by developers. They surprise us with new updates.

Lingo Kids

he The motto of this complete app is “Learn by playing” And that is the essence of it. To achieve this goal We have a huge catalog of games with very different dynamics. It was crowned the number one educational app of 2022.

There are more than 1,200 games and activities. Children of all ages will be able to develop all types of skills, both academic and social and emotional.

Among the most liked features of this app we have:

  • Help practice English through their games This makes it a totally immersive and fun activity.
  • his Many game dramas Covering all tastes and interests Thus attracting children’s attention.
  • except, The focus is on promoting all types of essential social skills. For the betterment of society This will help prepare them better for life’s problems and how to solve them.
  • Offers a dynamic learning method Simple, day-to-day tasks help them become independent and independent.

This app is very popular in the Play Store. With over 10 million downloadsThe colorful and unique interface is what kids love.

We hope that in this article You have found all the necessary information about some of the best apps for kids. There are many learning aids available in the Play Store, each with useful characteristics that promote education and develop skills and creativity. Let us know in the comments which ones interest you the most. We read your mind.

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