WhatsApp: Difference between reading and seeing

Is there anyone left who doesn’t have WhatsApp installed on their phone? Messaging apps are still the real queens of this segment. And even though most of us use it every day, But we still have many doubts. So today we’ll take a look at what’s in detail. Difference between seeing and reading on WhatsApp.

So you know if the other person received and read it or not. Whatever you put in the message, pay attention to the parameters that you need to pay attention to. This and other things make you think a lot about these two differences. which although there is little But it also needs to be taken into account.


Evolution of WhatsApp

When this messaging app appears We can only see whether the message reached the recipient or not. But at that time. blue checkEveryone is crazy.

We are not clear on what they mean. But little by little we got used to them. And now they have become the holy grail of communication because of us. life If the person we are in contact with Whether you have seen what we have written or not.

Is there a difference between seeing and reading on WhatsApp?

This is a topic that raises doubts because Not everyone has the same understanding of these terms.For many people, seeing and reading are the same. Because if anyone sees the message, it’s clear that they’ve read it.

But we already know that using messaging applications involves all kinds of scams. There are people who read the message on the notification screen on their mobile phone, indicating that they have seen the content and have read it. But the sender of the message will not receive the two blue checks, so it will be assumed that the other person did not. Done. Read now.

There are also those who understand that double verification that is marked when sending a message means the same thing. The message is seen in the sense that it has already been sent.. This is not smart at all. Because we have seen that the recipient can read the contents of the notification bar without opening the application.

In any case, We will only receive read confirmation when both checks appear blue.If the person receiving the message is checking information in the notification bar without accessing the app. We can only insinuate that they have read the message. But we can’t confirm it.

Moreover, we cannot forget that there is Possibility to disable read confirmation option for messages.. In this case, even if the recipient has read your message, You will not receive confirmation.

How do I know if the recipient has read my message?

The difference between seeing and reading on WhatsApp is so small that for many it doesn’t even exist. Actually, in the FAQ section of the instant messaging app, there is no mention of this topic.

official Double checking shows that the message arrived correctly on the mobile. (What some people call “seen” but WhatsApp doesn’t call that) and Two blue checks let us know that the recipient has entered the chat window and seen the message.

If you don’t receive confirmation that someone important to you is reading your message, There are a couple of little tricks you can use.

  • Send a message to a group that includes that person. You can’t disable read receipts in a group. If he is in the group reading the message, he will definitely know.
  • Send a voice message The option to disable the double blue check is only available for text messages. If you send a voice message and the other person hears it The message will be marked in blue. If your voicemail is blue and not text It is possible that the person has disabled the message read confirmation option.

Turn off message reading notifications

If you are one of those people who don’t want others to know if you have read their messages or not. You can do it easily. You just need to click on the icon. “Additional options” (three dots placed vertically) and go to Settings > Privacy > and turn off reading receipts.

Be careful, as we said before. Group read receipts and voicemail will still work. Because at this time cannot be disabled

Why must I turn off notifications?

Don’t be upset if one of your contacts uses this option – many others do too. Try to maintain your privacy. In a world where doing so is becoming increasingly difficult.

Instant messaging facilitates communication but also It makes us lose patience.. If we see that someone reads our message but doesn’t reply quickly. We will feel overwhelmed. And more than one side has asked the other side to explain why it is taking so long to respond.

For many people, disabling the double blue checkmark is the best way to go. received some peace of mind. If the other party sees that you have not read the message They might think you’ll be busy. Therefore, the person gets little time for himself and has Have more freedom in deciding when to respond to each message.In fact This is an option WhatsApp gives us so that we don’t feel controlled by others all the time.

It wouldn’t be necessary if we used these apps reasonably. But we have all unconsciously developed certain attitudes when using these new communication systems.

Now the difference between seeing and reading on WhatsApp is more clear. The best we can recommend is Don’t get bogged down by a lack of readability or response..Maybe the recipient is busy and cannot pay attention to you at that moment. If it’s really important Forget those messages and go back to your old habit of making calls, which is normal.

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