Guide: Learn to Crop Images in Photoshop

Photo editing is easier for most of us today than it was a decade ago. Because special programs allow us to fully develop our creativity and adjust images to our liking. Among them, Photoshop still stands out in particular. which has not lost its popularity in the slightest. Know how Crop an image in Photoshop It will help you get more out of this tool.

In addition, because this program has been copied by competitors. With the trimming process that we will see You will get good results with other tools as well, as it is quite likely that they work in much the same way.


What is the actual use of the crop function?

Within the basic functions for Edit a picture or photo We find ourselves always with the possibility of mitigation. It is possible for us to crop images in Word to better fit the document.

Since it’s Photoshop, it’s obvious that this option shouldn’t be missing from the basic editing functions panel. Cropping is useful for:

  • Improved composition If you crop an image You can get rid of unwanted objects or focus your attention on a certain point. The result is a more attractive image.
  • Eliminate distractions. If you want to highlight a specific person or object Removing the edges of the image helps you create a clearer focus on what you want to focus on.
  • Create a transparent background Background cropping can be useful to add a transparent background that will allow you to use the image in different contexts, such as on a web page.
  • Adjust size and proportion There’s no doubt that one of the main reasons for cropping an image in Photoshop is to make it smaller and optimize the image’s proportions for the medium you’ll be working with.
  • Correct perspective. When you use professional cropping tools You can fix some perspective problems. Eliminate horizontal or vertical lines and ensure a higher quality final result.
  • Create collages and compositions If you are ready to unleash all your creativity. By cutting out the photo You will get the perfect pieces to create all kinds of collages and compositions.
  • Adapt to printing requirements When it comes to photos that will be printed It may be necessary to crop some parts to adjust the size and proportions usable by the printer. without losing image quality

How to Crop an Image in Photoshop

Cropping is a process in which we get rid of parts. of the photo so that the image has the focus and proportions that we really want. To do this, Photoshop has a “crop” tool, which is It is extremely easy to use and allows us to always go back if the results we get are not to our liking.

In all the operations you perform You’ll see real-time information on what the final results are. This will speed up your work and help you make decisions.

Steps for cropping images in Photoshop

  • Open the image you want to work with in this software.
  • Within the toolbar, select a tool. “Trim”. When you click on the picture The edges of the photo are now ready to be adjusted.
  • You can draw a crop area or drag the outline of the image from a corner. In both cases, What you are doing is defining the area to be trimmed.
  • Press Enter and the image will be adjusted according to the new parameters you selected.

Advanced options when cropping images

If you want to make more precise and professional cuts. You can use the “Crop” toolbar. Here you can change the aspect ratio. Toggle height and width values and can use overlay options

  • Size and proportion Choose the final size and proportions you want for your image directly. You can enter predefined values ​​or create custom values. You also have the possibility to create presets to use in other projects in the future.
  • Overlay options If you choose to have the view show an overlay guide when cropping, You’ll see options like Rule of Thirds, Grid, or Golden Ratio.
  • By pressing “O” you will move between options. that the program offers to you
  • Crop options From the “Settings” menu, you can specify additional cropping options that do not appear in the menu at first glance.
  • Use classic mode If you’re used to using older versions of Photoshop, this feature lets you use the crop tool the old-fashioned way.

In addition to all of the above There are other useful features. Within the “Crop” toolbar, for example, is the ability to delete cropped pixels. But keep in mind that this will delete the cropped pixels. and you will not be able to bring it back in the future. Default, Photoshop performs non-destructive cropping. That is, it removes pixels from the image. But it will be preserved in case it is needed later. So evaluate carefully if you want to enable this function.

Separate objects from backgrounds with the Image Cropping Tool in Photoshop.

If what we are looking for is to cut out specific numbers from the image to separate them from the background. This is a bit more complicated:

  • We open the picture.
  • We select the tool “ribbon” and we choose “Square lasso”.
  • with mouse pointer We will manually check the outline of the object that we want to separate from the background.
  • We click the right mouse button inside the selected part of the image and select the clipping path option.
  • We select the clipping layer and press Ctrl + J. To create a new layer, select the clipping. As a result, we get a version with a transparent background of the clipped object. Now we can use it in other projects.

A faster and more current way is to select the option. “Object Selection with AI” This allows the program to automatically detect objects in the image which can be automatically cropped and selected. This will make it easier for us to draw the border.

Even if you are not an expert in using this software. But cropping images in Photoshop is quite simple. Therefore, we recommend that you give it a try if you have photos that need editing.

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