Get to know the best Netflix shows of 2024.

Netflix releases in 2024

Premieres in Netflix movies, series, and documentaries are often highly anticipated and for the beginning of 2024 next yearThe platform offers us a wide range of offers. Each has a different cast, genre, storyline, and outcome.

The premiere list is quite extensive. It has first-class works that are full of emotion. Some of them are the new season that viewers have been waiting for. while some seasons are new offerings. So as not to waste any more time. We bring you the premiere movies, series, and documentaries brought to you by us. Netflix in 2024.


List of Netflix releases in 2024

Netflix releases in 2024

Each premiere will provide Netflix subscribers and fans with a great deal of action, romance, adventure, mystery, and fiction, from the long-awaited series to its sequels. that does not allow the user to sleep due to waiting It’s time now and From January 2024, the streaming platform will not stop releasing offers.Here’s what’s most exciting for next year:

Netflix releases in 2024

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Snow Association

The Snow Society is a 2023 Spanish film that tells the story of an airplane accident that occurred on October 13, 1972, where Uruguayan Air Force Charter Flight 571 crashes in the Andes Mountains. As he prepares to arrive in Santiago de Chile, the play is 2 hours 25 minutes long and is Premieres on January 4, 2024. and written and directed by Juan Antonio Garcia Bayona, which tells

The protagonist is Enzo Vogrincic, who represents one of the passengers on the crashed flight. The story is based on real events. And the director tries to show through his story that the events How did it happen? From the survivor to the deceased It tells everything that this woman experienced «Snow Society» On top of the Andean mountain

wake up from suffering

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Awakening from suffering is A comedy about how to cope with the loss of a spouse. Suddenly. This is felt by actor Daniel Levy (Mark), who has to overcome the loss of his husband, Oliver, played by Luke Evans, in various ways.

For them, Mark travels to Paris with his friends in search of answers and hard truths during the storyline. This movie is Premieres on January 5, 2024. Written and directed by Daniel Levy himself.

Elevator: First Floor Robbery

is an American action film starring Comedian Kevin Hartwho together with Paul Anderson and Vincent D’Onofrio tries to prevent a terrorist attack. What’s interesting about the plot is that This group of people is part of an international organization of thieves. and their mission to protect against attacks It is to dock an airplane that is currently flying.

movies Premieres on Netflix on January 12. and directed by F. Gary Gray, same director of Fast and Furious

Crypto Scam

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Criptoscams is a documentary that explains what the three volunteers dedicated themselves to. Fooled many investors after the chaotic cryptocurrency market.. They show all the weaknesses that they exploit in this market. and how they used fraudulent funds to give themselves the best life possible. These scammers are able to defraud millions of dollars through innocent and unsuspecting methods.

The documentary is directed by Bryan Storkel, which shows the massive decline of Central Tech, a very popular Blockchain project. This is because it is the first technology to launch a cryptocurrency debit card. This documentary is Premieres on Monday, January 1..

resting point

Break Point is a documentary series that chronicles the moments of the world’s best tennis players. It shows the activities of professional racket players during competition in highly demanding tournaments. Tennis has a huge following all over the world. This series will shake up fans of this sport.

The first season of the docuseries premieres on January 13, 2023, but the second season is expected to be January 10, 2024. On this occasion, the series will talk about… The final Grand Slam of the 2022 season..

Sonic Prime

The Sonic Prime series is in its 3rd season and here it is. January 11th of next year, when Netflix plans to release itThis time, Sonic and his team will be responsible for fighting the evil robots led by the Council of Chaos, who will try to destroy the world. It is a work full of adventure and fiction for children.

It’s almost a narwhal.

Near a Narwhal is a children’s series based on a picture book by Jessie Sima. The first season is available now on Netflix, but if you wait for season 2, you can watch it. Launched on January 22 Year 2024


Maboroshi is an anime that tells the love story of two young people who must fight to stay together despite the social and economic hardships that surround them. The protagonists are a 14 year old boy named Masamune and his classmate Mutsumi. The two are trying to stay afloat after a deadly explosion that occurs in a factory in the town where they live.

This explosion brought the city to a standstill. Leave the city in a state of zero To restore normalcy Residents in the area have come up with many rules, one of which is “Don’t change anything.”This causes severe depression in the characters. However, during a tour of the ruins of the explosion, Masamune meets Izumi. But this meeting will be the beginning of the world’s unbalance.

With the hope that everything will return to normal. The villagers therefore made a rule that nothing had to be changed. So Masamune lives a depressed life. One day, his mysterious classmate Mutsumi takes him to an oven in an old factory. There he met Izumi. A girl who cannot speak and behaves like a wolf. An unexpected encounter began to shift the balance of his world. The premiere will take place on January 15, 2024..

Sun Brothers

The Sun Brothers tells the story of a young man who is part of the Taipei Triad, where he is a gangster and must kill people in order to survive. However, he has long since retired. Must return to these adventures. To try to solve the mysterious murder of his father while he was with his family in Los Angeles. United States

The protagonists of the film are Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien, Sam Song Li, created by Byron Wu, Brad Falchuk and will be like this. Premieres on Netflix on January 4, 2024..


Griselada is a mini-series that tells the story of a woman with different facets such as a mother, a pioneer, a boss, and a murderer. It all begins when this woman tries to escape from the city of Medellin. Colombia from some drug dealers After stealing a kilo of cocaine.She began her journey with her children and then became one of the most important heads of a drug empire.

This mini-series is one of The most anticipated Netflix release is due to Sofía Vergara’s performance. Like Griselda, she will also star alongside other actors including Alberto Guerra and Christian Tappan. The production is produced by Doug Miro, Eric Newman, Carlo Burr. Nard and Ingrid Escajeda Released on January 25, 2024.

Weird eyes

Queer Eye season 8 will premiere on January 24 next year.. is a reality TV show in which 5 homosexuals with extensive experience go out to help men and women improve their lives. The series has won nine Emmy Awards and four in a row for Best Picture for “Structured Reality.”

The long-awaited Netflix premiere of 2024 is only a few days away and you shouldn’t miss any of it. Most begin in January. So after Happy New Year, it’s time to watch Netflix instead. Tell us. What new game have you been waiting for for months?

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