Do you have the new iPhone 15: Here’s everything you can connect with USB-C

On these special days, it’s likely that you’ll find the iPhone 15 as a gift under the Christmas tree. The latest Apple device, presented in September 2023, includes one of the most important innovations from Apple in recent times. and is an integration of USB-C is the charging and data transfer connector. The Lightning connector has thus been eliminated after 10 years since its birth with the iPhone 5 in 2012. Below we show you how. What accessories can you connect to USB-C? To take full advantage of the virtues of this connector


Key differences between USB-C and Lightning

Apple jumped to the Lightning connector after having a 30-pin connector. Lightning has been one of the well-known elements of the Big Apple world for so many years that it would be impossible to charge Apple devices if we didn’t have a charger with this connector. This severely limited users’ daily lives when iPhones and iPads were not yet ubiquitous.

As we said, Lightning is a cable created by and for Apple devices. This is the connector. Can go back However, after the replacement of USB-C on the Mac and iPad, Lightning was only available on the iPhone, which ended last September with the release of the iPhone 15. The Lightning connector also has a size Much smaller than its predecessor: Apple’s 30-pin connector. It also stands out for its data transfer capabilities. In addition to charging the device But the main disadvantage, as we have already mentioned, is that It’s not a universal charger and USB-C has come to change that.

Like Lightning, USB-C has reversible capacity and is also Multi-purpose charger This not only allows the device to be charged. but also data transfer Create video and audio output from devices etc. On the other hand, Higher transfer speed Supports speeds up to 10 Gbps And even more so in the new generation. In addition to normal charging This connector is also compatible with the quick charge protocol that allows you to have a lot of battery in less time.

What can we connect to the iPhone 15’s USB-C?

The importance of USB-C lies in its versatility in connecting different types of accessories. and have very different functions Let’s do a short review. The full potential of USB-C on iPhone 15

Versatile charging with one cable

Of course, this is a point that needs to be addressed in this article. The iPhone 15 has USB-C, and you probably have a USB-C cable at home because you have a Mac or iPad Pro or other non-Apple device, like an Android phone. The versatility of USB-C allows us to charge iPhone 15 and other devices. with any cable Such as AirPods with USB-C box, the latest Apple TV remote, etc.

It’s important to emphasize that. To charge iPhone 15 at maximum speed A 20 or 30 volt power adapter is required. A higher capacity adapter can be used as the Mac and iPhone 15 will optimize and manage charging.

Transfer your iPhone 15 battery to another device

The iPhone 15 also has another advantage and that is You can charge other devices with your iPhone 15 battery. That is, we can connect the cable to charge products that generate 4.5 volts of charge. This allows us to charge the case of some AirPods, charge another iPhone, or even give our iPad or other device a little extra battery life, though. It won’t come from Apple.

Additional hardware to power iPhone 15

But not only can we use the iPhone 15 and USB-C to charge the device. But it can also be connected. All kinds of hardware: Keyboards, mice, headphones, etc. Almost all accessories connected via USB-C will have functionality on iPhone 15 without the need to install drivers or anything like that: Plug and play Interesting examples might be headphones, microphones, lights, USB-C to Ethernet adapters to provide Internet connectivity to the device or keyboards to create music directly from our iPhones.

Manage your hard drive data directly from your new iPhone.

If you have a hard drive or external memory with USB-C, you’re in luck through this app. file We have access to the contents of these external memories. And not only that We also import files to iPhone, add new files to your hard drive, and more.

Connect your iPhone 15 to an external screen.

Finally, another accessory that we can connect our iPhone 15 via USB-C is external screen We can send the content of our screen directly to the screen using Our USB-C to HDMI cable is compatible with iPhone. With this system we can duplicate our iPhone screen and can enjoy the content directly on the monitor.

On Apple’s official website, we provide a large number of cable accessories to perform each of the described functions. But almost all cables or accessories that support USB-C will be directly compatible with iPhone 15. So sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot of money on Apple’s official website. To have a working cable

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