Discover Microsoft Visio and its wide range of diagrams.

Diagrams and outlines are very useful graphical resources that can be used in many different types of documents. They help us visualize ideas. Project planning or analyze the structure One of the best programs for working with diagrams is Microsoft Visio. We analyze in this article.

Visio has been part of the Microsoft Office suite for some time. (Although it must be purchased separately) It is virtually unknown outside of the business environment. However, it is considered one of the best applications for drawing flowcharts. vector graphics or plans of houses and buildings above all else


What is Microsoft Visio?

Microsoft Visio is One of the best tools for creating diagrams. There are many functions and utilities in this. What this software can do goes beyond what we can do with other programs like Word with its diagram and layout tabs.

together with Many templates By creating both simple and complex diagrams. We found them all organized by category and theme as we curated them. We can do it too. Create our own templates and import them.. related to more work But it allows for more customization. In any case The creation process through the Visio tool is very simple.

Each template has its own menu. where objects and shapes are already open and ready to use

What can Microsoft Visio be used for? This endless source of graphical solutions can help us do all these things and more:

  • Creating a flowchart
  • Organizational chart preparation
  • creating three-dimensional maps
  • Drawing house plans, offices, etc.
  • Creating engineering or mechanical designs
  • Business process modeling

From checking this item It is understood that Visio’s main customers are companies. It is not common for users to use complex tools and professional diagrams on a daily basis, however, they can also be used in many ways in everyday life.

Key features of Microsoft Visio

Although it may seem otherwise But working with Visio is very simple. The program guides the user through each step of the diagram and diagram design process. Here are the most prominent features of its use and usage:

  • dispose Tools designed for collaborationVisio always has professional use in mind. Therefore, it allows two or more users to work on the same project.
  • Offer Preview modeTo track the progress of the work in real time
  • It has a series of Built-in pre-configured templates To make our work easier and save time.
  • help Integration with external data sourcesFor example, you can design a chart based on data taken from an Excel sheet or other database.
  • Offer Office 365 compatibilityThat is, it can be connected to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other programs in this office suite.

Many users wonder: Microsoft Visio is compatible with Mac.In this sense, it must be said that there is no desktop version of this program for macOS, but it is possible to work with Visio files on a Mac computer in Safari or Chrome browser on Mac.

The best thing is Nothing to installAll you need is a subscription to one of the Visio plans. The simplest option includes 2 GB of free OneDrive storage. This allows us to store all our files on the web and access them from anywhere.

Microsoft Visio advantages (and some disadvantages)

There is no doubt that this is a great tool. The advantages that Microsoft Visio brings to us over and over are clear. Although it doesn’t have many positive advantages. (One of them is price) that we have to take into account. Here’s a summary of everything:

Easy to use

Anyone can learn to use Visio without any problems in a short time. Like all programs designed by Microsoft Office, it’s an easy-to-use tool with a very gentle learning curve.

Options and templates

The possibilities Visio offers us for creating diagrams and graphs are far superior to the possibilities we find in other similar programs. This is mainly due to the large number of included templates available.

Integration with other tools

One of its strengths, Viso integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft Office applications too.
Power B (business intelligence) and with SQL database


I would have to say Visio. It’s not a free tool. Moreover, you can say that it is quite expensive. The price of the regular or standard version is 280 dollars (about 250 euros at the current exchange rate), while the professional version – the one with all functions – is 530 dollars (about 480 euros).

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