Best GPS Collars for Pets

For pet owners who wonder where their cat goes when it disappears from the house or suffer because their dog escapes from the garden. There are practical devices that will help a lot: GPS collars for petsAlso known by its English name: Dog/Cat Tracker

It is not a new product as it has been on the market for many years. However, the current model is not related to the traditional GPS collars for dogs and cats. Now they are much lighter. Less annoying for our pets More accurate and efficient


What is a GPS pet collar?

First of all, it must be clarified that there are no such devices. It has nothing to do with identification chips.They do not function as a tracking device. A GPS collar is a device that sends a signal to a receiver. There are three types of GPS collars, depending on the communication mode used:

  • Radio-frequency GPS locatorThis is the most basic, although it can still be useful in areas without cell coverage.
  • GPS locator via SIM.These have a much broader scope of action. If you want to use We need a phone with a SIM card. data connection and install specific apps
  • Bluetooth GPS locatorThe most modern Even though it doesn’t require a SIM card. But the usage distance is less.

They all consist of two components: a receiver chip integrated into the animal’s leash. and mobile devices for installing specific applications for synchronization.

Points to consider before choosing a GPS collar

The main differences between the models depend on the needs and characteristics of the individual animal. And we can say that each type of owner In any case There are a number of factors that must be carefully considered before deciding whether to choose a colar with GPS or otherwise. How to choose the most suitable one? Here are some guidelines:

Easy to use

In principle Selected devices will offer you simple maps and basic functions. Mobile applications for tracking must help. It’s not just any other complication.


to be effective The tracking collar must have a good distance. has an acceptable level of accuracy and sufficient independence (taking into account the type of battery) it is desirable that it has universal coverage; We also have to make sure that it doesn’t fail in bad weather conditions. For example, it’s best to be water and rain resistant.


Basic factors for choosing a pet GPS collar on the market In addition to the selling price You also need to know whether you have to pay a subscription fee to use the application.

Comments from other users technical certificate etc.

Here are some other interesting points of reference that should be referred to before making a decision.

The best GPS collars for dogs

Although there are many models of GPS trackers available for dogs, But to simplify the existing proposal. We have narrowed the list down to just three models, which are without a doubt among the best on the market:

Invoxia smart collar for dogs

Not a cheap device But the features and functions outweigh the high price. He Invoxia smart dog collar It has the most advanced medical precision technology on the market. This collar not only tracks the location of our dog. But it also scans your heart health and breathing rate.

It is an ideal tool to completely track animal activities: behavior, exercise hours of sleep Appetite… Battery life with normal use is approximately 15 days.

The size of this French-made necklace is Size 23 x 5 x 16.5 cm. Weight 360 grams.

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GPS tracker TKMARS

This is an excellent value for money option. GPS tracker TKMARS It is a SIM GPS locator for dogs that updates every 30 seconds and gives us an accuracy level of 5 to 15 meters. The battery lasts up to 8 days under normal conditions.

With dimensions of 7.5 x 4.6 x 3.1 cm and a weight of 320 grams, this locator is completely waterproof. And it has a safe and virtually unobtrusive neck adjustment system. The manufacturer claims that it can be used to track farm animals such as sheep, cows or horses.

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GPS dog traction

This is one of the reference brands in the pet tracking collar category. Its standard version Dog traction GPS, is one of the best selling products. It works through a SIM card that must be purchased separately.

Among the various functions Of the GPS locators for dogs, what stands out is that they can create virtual fences to receive notifications when they are crossed. It is waterproof and has autonomy for about a week. Good product.

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The best GPS collars for cats

Let’s take a look at some of the GPS collars for cats. Due to the special nature of small cats, these devices are quite different, although their functions remain the same.

Virtcooy – GPS Tracker for Cats

On our list of GPS collars for pets We need to include the basic version of VertkuyThis can be used by both cats and small dogs.

In addition to the beauty part Because it is a very good collar. The device also sends escape alerts for our kitties. Including a very powerful tracking tool that we can share with friends and family through the application. We must also emphasize Remote battery (up to 180 days in standby mode) which notifies us when the charge level is below 10%

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Cats Mini traction GPS

Basically, this GPS collar is the same as the one we reviewed above for dogs. Although there are logical differences. One of them is size. Mini GPS retractable cat collar It is smaller (5.5 x 2.8 x 1.7 cm) and lighter (25 grams).

How does it work? Like other GPS trackers by SIM, it has a subscription plan of 4 euros per month. A good purchase if we want to get rid of the anxiety that comes from not knowing where our cat is.

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Weneck Cat

Finally, a high quality cat tracking collar: V-neck cat, . Available in many sizes. The simplest model is, with dimensions of 12.1 x 11.9 x 3.2 cm and a weight of just 27 grams, the smallest model on the market.

It is a reliable device with unlimited distance and accurate tracking. It would be a complete product without two details: limited autonomy (maximum 3 hours) and the obligation to subscribe to be able to use it.

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