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Free epub download website

Reading is a great pleasure. And because electronic books appeared We have the convenience of being able to do it anywhere without having to carry bulky books. If you want to enjoy thousands of works for free and legally. Please pay attention to our compilation of the best websites to download ePUB for free.

Legal ways to enjoy culture And you will never be without a good book. A book to kill time. Before, Let’s explore what the ePUB format is.


What format does ePUB have?

Why is ePUB an alternative to PDF?

E-readers or e-books accept files in different formats. But one of the most common formats is ePUB, which It is named from the electronic publication terms.

Its popularity is due to the following characteristics:


This means that the text will dynamically adapt to the screen size of the device we are using. It doesn’t matter whether we read it in an e-book, on a tablet or mobile phone. We always see text that adapts well to the size of the screen.

Adjustable design

Even the strongest book guardians in physical form They agree that it is a great advantage that e-books allow us to change the font size. and make other adjustments that make reading easier for us.

In the case of ePUB we are faced with a very customizable format which Improved access to content and the reader’s experience

Multimedia support

Another reason why ePUB is so popular is that May include multimedia content such as images, graphics, and videos. Something that enhances the reading experience and allows writers to improve their relationship with the public.


ePUB is a fully interactive format which It allows us to create annotations, add links, bookmarks. And of course, organize our digital library in a simple and convenient way.

Copyright protection

This format includes measures to protect copyright. Limiting the possibility of unauthorized copying or distribution. of content

What is the best website to download ePUB for free?

Best website to download ePUB

You see, this format has all kinds of benefits. So if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to do so. You can read ePUB files in e-books. but also on the computer screen mobile phone or your tablet as well. And you can download it for free on the following website:


This website specializes in books that are in the public domain and has over 1,700 books.Most of them are great classics of literature. which copyright is no longer effective

You can search for the job you want. Title, by author, by category, or in any collection including:

  • Books by women writers who wrote history
  • Books made into movies
  • Bedtime stories.
  • horror story
  • pirate book
  • Mexican writer.

The purpose of this website is to promote Access culture and promote the consumption of great works of international classic literature. orderly and simple

Pages you can do It is legal to download and does not require registration. which improves safety even further

Here are some of the available names:

  • Letter to Father Franz Kafka
  • The Jealous Gustavo Adolfo Becker
  • Complete Works Garcilaso de la Vega
  • The Prince and the Pauper Mark Twain

To reach Alexandria You can do it from here.

book house

Casa del Libro is one of the largest bookstore chains in Spain. In addition to the establishment distributed in various parts of the country There are websites where readers can buy everything from the latest books to hit the market to classic works.

In addition, books are also sold in electronic format. It has become one of the best websites to download ePUB for free. Because there are many books to choose from for free reading. All you need is to sign up. And it’s free too.

Some of the works currently available are:

  • In search of Trajan’s tomb, Santiago Posteguillo
  • Promise Laura Restrepo
  • Poetry of Water José Luis Sampedro

To access the free ePUB collection from La Casa del Libro, you can do so from here.

Number one site for free ePUB downloads: eBiblio

Best website to download ePUB format

eBiblio is a free electronic book lending system through public libraries. That is, you can have a book on your device for a while and then you have to “return” it. In addition to books, with this system also You can access print media, magazines, and audiobooks.

The only thing you need to do is Go to your nearest library and sign up. You then log into your independent community’s eBiblio platform or download the app. And now you can start browsing other books and publications. Once downloaded, you have 21 days to complete it.

This website gives you free access to thousands of books: Reference Works Technical Manuals Books in other languages, works, biographies, great classics. New products released to the market, etc.

If you are an avid reader You should definitely be an eBiblio user. You can learn more about this system here.


This is a digital content platform. Although books are available in both digital and hard copy formats. But you can still find a huge catalog of free ePUBs that you can download directly to your device. It’s also a great way to find authors that aren’t well known to the general public.

In some cases, you can access non-free content through social payments. You read books and vice versa.Leave a comment on social media about what you think. In other cases, you can read a book. And if you like it, you can decide later whether you want to pay or not.

To access this platform and its content you must register. You can register here.

Any of these websites for Free ePUB downloads offer you a lot of productivity and security. that you can read comfortably without violating copyright or infecting your device with malware.

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