Apple’s big disappointment in 2023

We’re just at the start of 2024, and we’re looking back to see what Apple showed us throughout the year. And above all, remembering the great disappointments of the year on all fronts. Not only in hardware But it also includes software and services.

These were Apple’s big disappointments throughout 2023, and we hope they figure out how to turn things around in 2024. Grab a seat and some popcorn because we’re bringing you great content.

In case you have any doubts You can always refer to this great article prepared by our colleague Ángel González. With all of Apple’s 2023 launches in mind, now let’s poke our critical gaze. It’s time for Appel to take responsibility for its disappointments and failures.


Apple Watch Series 9: More of the same

We started strong with a device that wanted to be a flagship in many ways and still offered more than nothing. The Apple Watch Series 9 doesn’t bring the much-discussed design changes that many expected. With a few panel improvements over the years. The truth is that there were a few things that made the original Apple Watch different from the current version. Again, with the promise that this year will be the last year they will change the way they design and function. apple watch

In the medical sector The new device does not have the promised sensors. Especially now that ITC in North America has suspended sales of these devices for infringing patents on blood oxygen sensors. without any doubt, The new Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 look like pointless models. This has created a huge disappointment for key sectors of Apple users. who are looking for a plausible excuse to discontinue the Apple Watch Series 5, for example. The novelty is diluted by the double-touch functionality. (Available on other devices) Siri improvements and better power consumption which haven’t been shown yet either.

Apple Vision Pro: Late, Bad, and Never

On June 5, 2023, Apple wants to mute users when Tim Cook wants to be Steve Jobs, raising expectations that come with the advent of the iPod or iPhone, however. The Apple Vision Pro is a rushed presentation. It’s a project that many people have heard of and almost no one has ever seen. and is a difficult product to supportto the needs of today’s users

Augmented/Virtual Reality viewers which Tim Cook Want to name it the most ambitious product they’ve ever created? The truth is that the reviews of the few people who are able to use it are not good. The product is generating little or no interest among developers. And it quickly positioned itself as an aristocratic, not useless device.

Google fails miserably with similar products and Apple chose to focus its efforts on (and money spent) on Augmented/Virtual Reality in 2023, which will be called the Year of Artificial Intelligence. Meanwhile There are no signs of smart products in iOS or macOS that help us improve our performance without going through the boxes of third-party developers. regardless of data protection

Apple and artificial intelligence don’t go hand in hand. And the fault seems to lie with the Apple Vision Pro, an unfinished product that the Cupertino company seems interested in burying.

There are many rumors surrounding each new Apple device, but the Vision Pro has not yet caught the attention of leakers. In short, a device that hasn’t even been born yet because no one wants an iPhone closer to their eyes and Just the thought of integrating Vision Pro into a productive environment makes me excited.

iOS 17 Big irrelevance

Don’t fool yourself. The key to the iPhone’s success isn’t Apple, it isn’t the USB-C port, and it isn’t its great autonomy. The key to the iPhone’s success is called iOS. With each new version since Tim Cook’s arrival, the Cupertino company has shown more and more interest in commercializing related services. Including advertising for them in the settings application As the bug-riddled operating system makes us, more experienced users rethink whether it’s worth betting on iOS to continue.

iOS 17.1 has many bugs that prevent the correct operation of WiFi network changes have been fluid and design issues since iOS 16 Since the release of iOS 17, we’ve had issues with the correct functioning of NFC after using a wireless charger in some BMW vehicles, and there have been times when the device hasn’t updated due to… wish

And it’s not the only thing. With the arrival of iPhone 15 in all versions We found that some incompatibilities between the operating system and applications cause the processor to saturate. Uses a lot of battery And most importantly As a result, the iPhone becomes hot to the point of being unusable..

This continues even in beta, and iOS 17.3 has shown that it can render iPhones unusable for no apparent reason. So much so that the Cupertino company was forced to withdraw the trial version of this software due to constant complaints from developers.

Death of the HomePod

We close with the death of home pod, A product that Apple abandoned almost from its launch. And we’ve seen how other companies like Sonos have embraced Apple’s offerings, even in the areas where they work best: putting performance and integration first.

for more completeness Apple has made unrelated improvements to the AirPods Pro 2, like adding a USB-C port, and nothing else. Meanwhile Still launching Beats products that are AirPods with different cases. And users are wondering if Apple really plans to abandon half of this type of audio product.

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