Nacon Revolution 5 Pro alternative to DualSense?


Controller options for PS5 and other game consoles That’s not ordinary. This is different from what happens constantly on PC. Where peripherals are the order of the day As a general rule, these do not work on gaming consoles with the same ease and efficiency as yes, native components usually do.

We analyze this choice. Expert company Nacon has launched the Revolution 5 Pro to meet the needs of the majority of gamers on PS5. Will it be worth it? Discover all the functions and configurations of what is a great alternative to the DualSense Edge, the PlayStation “pro” controller.


Material and design

In this section, we will focus on all the parameters that indicate the customization, style and, above all, comfort of this device, which is designed to stay in our hands for several days. It should be noted that we are dealing with a product that follows Nacon’s design line: matte black with gray details and, above all, some RGB that will satisfy the needs of the youngest gamers. One of these RGB lights also has the function of warning us about the battery status. and surrounds the touch panel

For those who are not completely satisfied with black You can buy the same device in white. But I don’t recommend using white controls as they pass time. Even with the utmost caution

The controller feels sturdy and well-built. Unlike other brands, even Sony. It is considered a durable element, it is quite heavy. But not enough to cause discomfort. And it adapts easily to those of us with slightly smaller hands. Of course, the adhesive material makes it a little more difficult to clean. But nothing stands out.

Obviously inherited Xbox joystick design Unlike the PlayStation joysticks that make up the entire DualShock and DualSense lineup, many view it as a complete design. Especially for photographers, to be honest, it doesn’t make any difference to me.

Durable and accurate

The famous “drift” – something we veterans know hasn’t happened on past devices – is the shadow that hangs over the PS5 DualSense, and why not mention other options like the Nintendo Switch controller? So, Nacon is committed to using Hall effect technology. It will increase durability. Improved (theoretical) accuracy with magnetic system But above all else It helps us forget the involuntary movements common to DualSense controllers.

The buttons have good travel, feel precise, and above all else, Allows us to customize buttons. Through the application available for PC and Mac. If you don’t have a computer on hand, you’ll have to wait until mid-2024. When the controller will receive the possibility of updating and customizing it through applications for mobile devices such as Android and iOS, at the moment we have not received information about this capability. Therefore we cannot confirm it. As for the application, it works efficiently on PC and Mac both for playing and customizing its functions. At this time, we would like to remind you that in addition to the previously mentioned devices, Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is also compatible with PS4.

Technical characteristics

We take the leap to autonomy. The battery that Nacon promises is at least 10 hours, so we don’t have to worry about long gaming sessions in any case. The connection is perfect. We didn’t encounter any issues either wirelessly or via the 3-meter USB cable included in the package. for other wireless purposes We have an adjustable USB adapter on both PS5 and PC for optimal play comfort. I found no difference in signal lag or intermittent clipping. The product is very refined in this respect.

We will emphasize that it is ready with the controller. We found a customization kit that will allow us to make our own adjustments. There is no need to apply as mentioned above as follows:

  • Set of three weights
  • Three sizes of joystick
  • Three sets of joystick heads
  • Additional crossheads in the original format
  • One external microphone input

With this, we will be able to adjust the controls not only according to our needs. But also our tastes. This makes it incredibly more accessible.

There are still negative points.

Until now, everything may look good to you. But we’ll talk about what we found so far. Aside from the requirement to use the app for PC, this may be a deterrent for those buying (or giving away) this PS5-only controller.

The location of the back buttons is a bit complicated. And PS5 integration isn’t all there is to it. Due to the tactile vibration and adjustable trigger, it is noticeable if not present in most cases. Something that might discourage those who put the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro with DualSense on your shopping list?

Editor’s opinion

In short, we found a job well done without forgetting that. We can buy it from €229 in Amazon and other mass retailers The problem is that the future is in the PS5 and we can buy the DualSense Edge for 220 euros without giving up the most interesting functions in the PS5, such as haptic vibration and, of course, trigger response.

Arguably, the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is a multi-purpose controller. Very comfortable and above all very customizable. But it’s one that I specifically recommend for PC Master Race or PS4 users, not so much for PS5 users because of the price and features. We now have all the information. You have to make the final decision. Is the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro really worth it? Tell us what your experience was and what you think of this analysis.


  • Material and design
  • Personalization
  • performance


  • No mobile app
  • Failure on PS5

  • Editor’s Rating
  • 4 star rating


  • Portability (size/weight)

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