The monthly news is clear: Apple must stop selling the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 in Apple Stores starting December 25. In the United States due to patent infringement due to the fact that we can comment on iPhone News, this will not only affect American users. But it also affects American users. Apple will not be able to repair out-of-warranty Apple Watches in the country..

Repairing an Apple Watch typically involves replacing the damaged model with a new/refurbished unit. and is in perfect working condition. Instead of repairing damaged components one by one Well then, Replacement models and parts may not be available. Therefore, Apple will not be able to repair Apple Watches with oxygen sensors outside of the warranty period.

Who does this affect? For all users with Apple Watch Series 6 or later, including the original Apple Watch Ultra. (As we said, all with a blood oxygen sensor) If the user damages the Apple Watch outside of warranty Users will have to wait until it’s all fixed and Apple can once again provide replacement hardware. If the problem is from the software alone then it will be fixed.

Instead of Apple (legal) Yes, it will cover all users whose Apple Watch is within the warranty period. (Remember, it’s one year in the US.) Includes expandable AppleCare.

Additional problems in this case for American users at They may be affected if their Apple Watch suffers any type of physical damage. We’ll see how this all ends. And when will Apple be able to sell and replenish the Apple Watch with a built-in blood oxygen sensor again?