iOS 17.2.1 now available

a few hours ago We’ve already informed you that Apple is testing iOS 17.2.1 internally through web browsing. In fact, assumptions focus on the release of this new update at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2024, and it seems that the machine will be accelerated and Apple released iOS 17.2.1 a few minutes ago. A week after the release of iOS 17.2, improvements included in this new update have not yet been revealed. Except for the official records that allege Fix errors.

It’s a real rumor… Apple officially releases iOS 17.2.1.

Apple has officially released iOS 17.2.1. You can now update your device through Settings > Software Update App. And it’s something that doesn’t surprise us as there are rumors and solid information as I mentioned that Cupertino is browsing the site to try out this new version.

On other occasions, the update log does not provide any information. It only indicates that a change has occurred. Fixed important bugs that were important to users. Immediately, social networks were once again full of criticism about Apple’s lack of transparency with bug fixes. The argument of these criticisms is based on the fact that it would be logical to be able to know what these problems are. and to enable engineers and developers to assess whether the problem has been resolved.

iOS 17.2 now available

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It’s likely that in the coming hours a new note will be published on Apple’s official website detailing the main bugs that were fixed in iOS 17.2.1, as happened with iOS 17.2 last week. ago We’ll also see if the developers break down the proposed changes and release them before Apple’s official notes. Everything that happens in the next few hours we’ll share with you.