How to enable and remove Xiaomi Safe Mode? | Complete Guide

Remove Xiaomi safe mode

Our mobile devices are critical for our work, leisure and entertainment, education, and so much more. This is why it is so frustrating when their performance isn’t as expected. Or if they stop working? As a result, many tools and options have been developed to address these issues. Today we will talk about how to enable and remove Safe Mode on Xiaomi.

As you will see later, thanks to Safe Mode, you will be able to find solutions to various problems in the functioning of your mobile phone. This is mostly a problem related to third-party applications. Luckily, it’s a quick and easy function to install.So you don’t have to worry if your knowledge of technology is basic.


What exactly is Safe Mode?

Remove Xiaomi safe mode

This is a function that almost every mobile device has today. It bears a strong resemblance to Windows Safe Mode. In this case, it is a special startup for smartphones.

This basically consists of only allowing basic system functions as well as pre-built apps. Therefore, other third-party apps cannot run. that you install in this one

How to remove Safe Mode on your Xiaomi the easy way

is It’s pretty easy for your phone to enter Safe Mode even if you don’t want to. or when you have activated it you want to delete You only need to restart your Xiaomi mobile device!

Remove Xiaomi safe mode

If you restart your phone, the Safe Mode icon will still be displayed. Then we recommend that you turn off your Xiaomi device completely.. Then turn it on again and check if it still turns on.

How can you enable safe mode on Xiaomi?

Fortunately, enabling safe mode on your Xiaomi will be very easy. The first thing you should know is that You can do this by turning your mobile on and off.Of course, the steps will vary depending on this.

Use your Xiaomi

This option is ideal in cases where Your mobile phone is experiencing a performance error. But it still continues. Just follow these steps:

  1. Press the ON/OFF button. on your mobile phone until the options will show you
  2. Here you will find The option is called Reboot in safe mode. Click on it and wait for your phone to complete the reset.Xiaomi
  3. As soon as this process is finished You can test your mobile phone. To check if it works properly or not.

Using your Xiaomi is turned off.

In this case, it is used when your Xiaomi smartphone does not work properly, turns off frequently, or restarts continuously or occasionally.. For which you need to follow these steps:

  1. The first step will be Press the ON/OFF button. of your Xiaomi
  2. When a brand’s logo appears in front of you You will need to press the volume down button. And don’t stop pressing this as long as the process lasts.
  3. When the smartphone turns on completely You will see Safe Mode in order. has been activated

What happens on your device after enabling Safe Mode?


Once safe mode is enabled on your mobile. Only basic functions can be used.Individual icons of third-party apps that you previously downloaded cannot be viewed. So you won’t be able to use it either.

Don’t worry, once you restart and manage to remove safe mode from your Xiaomi, you’ll be able to use these apps again. Moreover, the operation of the device will return to normal. Complete with functions for use

What does Safe Mode do on your Xiaomi?

The basic purpose of Safe Mode is to identify and fix errors in the device’s operation. for better understanding While enabling safe mode Your device will function as if it was reset to factory settings and configuration.


All types of data, information, installed apps, settings, and content will not be displayed. Yes, of course, It is temporary and completely reversible. Of course, once you disable it. Everything will return to normal.

That way, if your Xiaomi has problems working. You can check if this is related to any apps you installed. or in the device instead Because often if we download apps from unofficial sites. Those apps bring all kinds of viruses, bugs, and malware.

In summary, with Safe Mode you can:

  • Propose solutions related to the performance of your mobile phone
  • identify those things Applications that you install on your mobile and cause errors in work
  • Detect hardware failure of your terminal It is determined that the cause is not related to a third-party app.

Is Safe Mode the same as Safe Mode? recovery?

Both modes are specially designed. Identifying and resolving operational and operational problems. of your smartphone Although not the same But of course, each one works very differently. That is in the mode recovery (or recovery) You can perform various maintenance and recovery operations on your Xiaomi.

The above mentioned modes allow for more advanced functions such as: Factory data reset, download updates, clear cache And many others that, as we can see, are not available in safe mode. This is because it limits the functionality of the apps you install on your phone and allows only basic system functions.

We hope that in this article You found all the necessary information to know how to remove Xiaomi Safe Mode. In addition to other interesting information such as its purpose and main duties. Let us know in the comments what you think of this tool and if you have ever used it to successfully repair your Xiaomi or not. We read your mind.

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