Collaborative items or collaborative Apple Music playlists

Just a few days ago, the first iOS 17.3 beta was released. This is the next major iOS update due around January or February of next year. Among the main novelties are, without a doubt, New anti-theft system This was included in the first beta as a way to increase security and control over our devices. However, in this beta, We also saw how. Apple Music shared playlists are back In addition to new functions that help Interact with emojis per song Included in shared playlists

Keep the chaos going with shareable Apple Music playlists now in iOS 17.3.

at Apple Music playlist or shared playlist It was announced at WWDC23 as a new feature coming to iOS 17, however. drama What we are experiencing with this functionality is indicative of the evolution of the operating system. And after it didn’t appear in the official version of iOS 17 in September, Apple decided not to include it in the first major update: iOS 17.1, but It appeared in iOS 17.2 beta. Although Apple ultimately decided to postpone this function until 2024 and did not include it in this version that was officially released a few days ago.

Anti-theft system in iOS 17.3

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So, and we’re back to the present. We now have the first iOS 17.3 beta in hand. Shared Apple Music playlists reappear At the moment there are no related new features in this functionality compared to the shared list functionality we found in iOS 17.2, except for the arrival of Added to it: Emoji reactions to songs

And now all users are in the same shared Apple Music playlist. Can respond to music Included in the list within the playlist Each user can check their reaction to each song in the list along with the user and the emoji they reacted with.

Another way Improved and differentiated functions which is having a negative effect Although seeing the latest news and updates from Apple, it’s likely that we’ll be able to have these shared playlists in iOS 17.3 in early 2024.