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On other occasions, we’ve talked about the virtues of the Fire TV Stick, which is a simple, easy-to-use device that can do just that. Change your normal television into a smart TV. with internet connection Many users use this Amazon invention to group series and movies on their platform in one place. But much more can be done. In this post we have selected Best apps for Fire TV Stick You can take full advantage of this device.

In the selection we present below, we have not included the official apps of the subscription streaming services. But there are other apps that might be more useful. (And sometimes even more popular) What is certain is that these are applications that are used regularly by many users around the world. Thus enjoying a better and more complete experience.


photos of amazon

photos of amazon

The first app on the list is a relatively well-known app: photos of amazonIn fact, This app is similar to another app of the same style, the famous Google Photos, but it has an additional advantage that is very interesting for those who use Fire TV: the possibility of viewing photos saved in the system. Amazon Cloud from the screen of your TV device

This service is made possible by free unlimited photo storage offered by Amazon Photos for Amazon Prime members.

Download link: Amazon Photos



Undoubtedly the best application for Fire TV Stick. downloadWe will be able to explore the internet and download any type of multimedia files as well as applications that we can later install on our devices.

Using the app is very simple as it has its own internet browser. Just like a practical file manager, in short, it’s an app that opens up a lot of new possibilities for using Fire TV.

Download link: Downloader


Best IPTV for Smart TV

Essential apps Cody It is already well known to many users a tool that can transform any computer into a complete multimedia center. Among its many advantages We must emphasize the fact that it is completely modular and configurable. By installing various add-ons (or add-on) available

These add-ons or extensions help us watch countless television channels. and access all kinds of online services, play music, run simulators and games… A whole world of new possibilities for our Smart TVs.

Download link: Kodi

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

No, this is not a bug. The name of this application is almost the same as the device name. The most interesting thing about Amazon Fire TV Namely, it allows us to use our smartphone as a remote control with which we can control all the Amazon devices at home, from Alexa speakers to the Fire TV Stick.

So if one day you can’t find your Fire TV stick controller (it’s so thin it disappears everywhere) and you’re too lazy to look for it between the couch cushions? This is a good solution. In addition, when we use a mobile phone as a remote control, the keyboard function can be used as well. That can be very useful sometimes.

Download link: Amazon Fire TV

Tune in

Tune in

Humans don’t live by images alone. Tune in It is the best solution to enjoy internet radio conveniently from our Fire TV. A huge catalog of radio stations of all topics, both local and international, within easy reach of our Fire TV Stick remote.

Download link: TuneIn

Simple fire extinguishing tools

Simple fire extinguishing tools

An essential app for everyone who wants to enjoy the full experience on Fire TV. It is a little different from the others on this list as it must be installed on our smartphones. The grace of Simple fire extinguishing tools It will help us transfer any type of file from our phone to our Fire TV. Important note: It only works with Android devices.

Download link: Simple fire extinguishing tool



duplex It is another app that offers very similar to Kodi, a multi-purpose application where you can play all types of multimedia content (movies, series, radio, podcasts, news feeds…) from the internet. All this has a simple and intuitive management that is accessible to every user.

Although Plex is a free application, But many users eventually opt for the paid version. This has interesting advantages, such as the ability to use our files saved on the computer on other devices.

Download link: Plex

File Commander

File Commander

Here’s another very useful app to install on your Fire TV: File Commander As its name suggests This is the perfect tool to manage your internal storage in a reliable and simple way. For this reason, it is very convenient to browse the internal or external storage of our device. We can also process all types of them.

It is true that there are many other similar applications that perform the same function. But due to its nature, this application looks especially suitable for Fire TV.

Download link: File Commander

silk browser


before closing the transaction We can’t help but recommend some applications for Fire TV that can be used to surf the internet. Again, there are many options for that. But one of the best things is silk browserAt least . It is the most suitable one for Fire TV due to its special features. Feel free to download it.

Download link: Silk Browser

In addition to these recommended apps We must remember that the Amazon Fire TV Stick also has many more options. In fact, There were more than 9,000 applications.This includes streaming platforms such as Prime Video, DAZN, Netflix, Disney+ or Apple TV, as well as live streaming services such as Twitch or video platforms such as YouTube.

Finally, if you want to install an app that isn’t in the Amazon Appstore catalog, you need to know that it’s required. Enable the option “Install unknown apps”Found in the “My Fire TV” menu.

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