After the classic Christmas break, Apple is back working on the second beta of iOS 17.3.and was forced to withdraw it after rendering the iPhone useless. where they installed it

It’s been a few weeks without much news or updates from Apple. It’s been a classic Apple Christmas break, which ends today with the release of the new Beta 2 of iOS 17.3, in addition to the remaining Beta 2 versions for watchOS, macOS, and others shortly after launch. There were also complaints on social networks, especially Twitter and Mastodon. Many users pointed out that their iPhones did not work after installing this Beta 2. All they saw was a black screen and the wheels didn’t stop spinning. The solution is not too complicated as a simple restore of the iPhone to the previous version is more than enough to keep everything as it was before even for those who did not have a backup. Things in turn shouldn’t happen. If you are a beta user That means the possibility of losing a lot of data.

We don’t know the cause of this problem. Why does this happen to some users while others are able to update without problems?. It is not related to the iPhone model, because it occurs on different models and cannot find common elements for everyone remaining with a used iPhone when updating. There have been discussions on social networks about problems with the accessibility function of tapping the back of the iPhone to activate various functions. But it is also not the cause of failure. This ended with Apple withdrawing Beta 2 from the Developer Center, so it couldn’t be installed. And we are waiting for a new version to be released without this “minor problem”.