Spotube, a free alternative to Spotify and YouTube Music

Music streaming platforms have become very popular. Among them, YouTube Music and Spotify play an important role in this picture. Although it is very popular But the fact that they require payment or display advertising makes it a little less appealing. Because of this, today there is a choice for them. We’ll talk about Spotube, a free alternative app to Spotify and YouTube Music.

It is true that it is still not very popular compared to its more powerful competitors. But it has a steady stream of great features. Provides free and unlimited access to a Huge collection of songs and even your own playlists from platforms like Spotify. All this when added to a simple and versatile user interface. Can help increase potential


What is Spotube?

Spotube is a platform available to users in web version and in the form of an Android mobile application. like It is a free alternative application to Spotify and YouTube that has similar functions.But there are no annoying ads.

The main function of this application is any streaming platform that uses the Spotify API and also that of YouTube. at It allows us to interact with us. Playlist From Spotify but free This application is open source and therefore completely free. This code will be available to any user on GitHub to review or edit.

Spotube’s most notable features are the following:

  • Its user interface is besides very good. Beautiful and easy to use It’s completely customizable. according to user needs
  • If we have to mention one thing that stands out about this application, it is that. It has no ads at all. All of this is done using the public APIs of the Spotify and YouTube applications.
  • can Download your favorite themes directly from Spotube.You can then listen without an internet connection.
  • It has been found. It is available on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, MacOS. and other equipment All using the Android operating system.
  • If we compare Spotube’s mobile data traffic with other similar platforms. Data consumption will be much lower.
  • Using the application to play your music You will have access to the lyrics of these synchronizations.real time
  • his Dark mode is very popular. and is preferred by the majority of platform users.
  • Sound quality can be adjusted.You can choose between high, medium and low. This directly affects mobile data usage.
  • The functionality of the application is Very fast and efficient
  • In the blacklist option You can add those specific singers and musical themes. that you do not want to be displayed or played in the application.
  • Your music player will help you. Listen to music not only online But all you have is on your device.
  • Application It does not collect any personal information or have access to your information.You just need permission to log into your mobile to access the songs stored on it.

How to use Spotube, a free alternative to Spotify and YouTube?

  1. Of course, the first step will be The app has been downloaded and installed. on your mobile device in the latest version
  2. To do this Search Play Store and wait for download
  3. You can also access the app by downloading it through your official website
  4. Once you have it on your mobile device Open and log in with your Spotify account. Although this is not mandatory But it’s also something that will make your Spotify playlists accessible.
  5. You must Give the app permission to access the music. that you store on your mobile phone
  6. immediately We will see four different sections on the main page of the application. where you will find all its functions.
  7. he Feed of this application, as we have already said, completely Customizable in the search section, you can manually access the themes you want.
  8. In this section You will be able to access your Spotify playlists. Synchronize with the application

How does the Spotube app work?

You might be wondering what the secret of this application is. That is to say, If it’s free and doesn’t show ads. How will it work? You have to know that it’s easier than you think. And in fact there are no hidden tricks or secrets.

easily Use the Spotify platform database But the audio files are taken from YouTube servers. Don’t worry, it apparently does all of this internally and automatically. Therefore, no additional settings are required. Just install this application. It does not operate illegally and does not have a harsh copyright policy.

What are the disadvantages of using Spotube as an alternative application for Spotify and YouTube Music?

As far as we can verify The application works quite well. Of course, some regions and countries are not allowed access.. To do this, you can use the services of a VPN application. It is necessary to disable battery saving mode to use it or at least make settings to be able to work with this mode.

In addition to these small details, we also need to clarify that the application It doesn’t offer playback of podcasts or other programs that come specifically from Spotify.. There may also be some limitations in terms of audio quality. Because it depends on YouTube.

We hope that in this article You have found all the information related to Spotube. Free alternative apps to Spotify and YouTube Music It has great features that make it a very good choice for music playing and downloading platforms. Let us know in the comments what you think of this application. And if you know others who have equally interesting functions and features? We read your mind

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