Alibaba T-Head TH1520 RISC-V Manual

As you know, Alibaba, the Chinese giant behind Aliexpress, also wants to follow in Amazon’s footsteps and enter the world of technology fully, both at the level of custom-made devices and cloud services. Currently, important documents have been published about Alibaba T-Head TH1520 Quad-core RISC-V ProcessorIncludes user manual and technical information about the device both at the GPU level including integrated audio, memory interfaces, available registers, integrated NPU, etc.

This Alibaba T-Head TH1520 SoC already has a lot to talk about when it comes to giving life to Laptop named ROME and appeared in October 2022, but since then there have been some interesting releases of this chip, such as SBC BeagleV takes the leadIt’s a Raspberry Pi competitor, but uses a RISC-V ISA and supports the Linux 6.6 kernel.

  • To download the free manual You can do this from both the Sipeed website and the official BeagleBoard website. Unfortunately, these manuals are only available in Chinese and English at this time. no spanish But English can help a lot now.

Specifically, they have already launched 9 manuals in PDF formatAnd each point aims to explain an aspect of the Alibaba T-Head TH1520:

  • Audio Processing User Manual TH1520.pdf: There are 141 pages of documentation for CPR (Component Parameter Registration), I2S, TDM, VAD and SPDIF.
  • TH1520 Memory Interface User Manual.pdf– With 261 pages, you will get information about SRAMC, LPDDR4, eMMC/SD and QSPI memory systems.
  • TH1520 NPU User Manual.pdf: 12 pages where you can see a quick introduction and capabilities of the built-in AI accelerator, the NPU.
  • TH1520 Peripheral Interface User Manual.pdf: There are 375 pages on GMAC, USB, MPJTAG, ADC, I2S, PWM, I2C, UART, and GPIO interfaces.
  • TH1520 System User Manual.pdf: It is the most comprehensive guide. It is no less than 1,240 pages long and shows all user aspects of the system such as Address Map, Interrupt, Pinmux, Clock, Reset, Low Power Mode, Boot, processors (C910, C906 and E902), DSP, MBOX, RTC. , WDT, Timers, DMAC, PVT, System Configuration and BMU (Bus Monitor Unit).
  • TH1520 Video CODEC User Manual.pdf: 14 pages about video encoding and decoding.
  • TH1520 Video Image Processing User Manual.pdf– Documentation on 3D GPU (BXM-4-64), G2D 2D Accelerator and DEWARP processor with 18 pages of information.
  • TH1520 Video Input User Manual.pdf: This is an 85 page document to learn about MIPI CSI video inputs, VIPRE (GLUE, MIPI2DMA and MUX), ISP and IVS (ISP-VENC interaction).
  • TH1520 Video Output User Manual.pdf: And finally, 37 pages describing video outputs including DPU, HDMI, and MIPI DSI.

Thanks to them above all else It is possible to Developed new drivers for this SoC.,to support Linux and other systems…