What is WiFi Direct and how does it work | Tips for getting the most out of it

There are now many options available for transferring files between two mobile devices, computers, tablets, and more. There are many technologies that have been developed for this purpose.And I received many more applications. Each of them has special features depending on the files and content we want to transfer. Today we will talk about what WiFi Direct is and how it works.

As you will see later, if you want Keep your information as private as possible and share as little information about yourself as possible. This will be one of your best options. Fortunately, in the Play Store you will find a huge catalog of applications responsible for using technology as the base of operations. We will show you the most popular and How can you use them to reach their full potential?


What is WiFi Direct?

This is a tool for both Android and iOS devices.This makes file sharing a faster alternative than Bluetooth, of course, with WiFi Direct. There is no need for cables or other accessories in the meantime.. It is different from other well-known networks such as Bluetooth. The file transfer happens at a higher speed. Helps reduce the time required to a minimum.

In summary, WiFi Direct is a private wireless network for two mobile devices. Although nowadays the channels and tools for sending files are quite wide.,WiFi Direct provides more privacy to users. Because there is no need to provide any type of information about yourself. But there are limitations of having to have the device nearby at all times.

How does WiFi Direct work?

The operation is quite practical and fast, which is a key point in its popularity. to transfer data Only this function needs to be enabled. That’s it! Your device will also be visible to others who have enabled it.

Of course this function Cannot be used directly But a third-party app is required. which they use as the basis of their operations Don’t worry, because later we will tell you which ones are the most popular and versatile.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. First you need to Go to the Settings/Configuration application. From your Android mobile device
  2. When you get there Access the connection section and then enter WiFi
  3. In this matter, Select the WiFi Direct tab. And make sure it’s enabled. Remember that it is essential that other devices are enabled as well.
  4. Now wait until Another smartphone will appear on your mobile screen. where you will transfer the content to As soon as it happens you need to press it.
  5. on your device screen immediately. A notification asks you to confirm. Pairing between the two mobile phones
  6. Only as soon as the device is connected You will need to go to the application you installed. on your devices that take advantage of this technology
  7. Select the file you want to send. The methods vary slightly depending on the app being used.
  8. wait a moment To complete this process Duration may vary. It depends on the amount of data to be transferred.

It is worth clarifying all these steps and even how to access WiFi Direct. They may vary depending on the device you have, the model, and the manufacturer. Therefore, if this is difficult to find, we recommend using the search engine of each application.

Which apps use WiFi Direct to work?


While it is true that the Play Store can find countless applications that benefit from this technology, SHAREit is truly supreme.It is no wonder that its excellent characteristics have earned it this position. same as you It allows you to share all types of multimedia content. From photos and videos to apps, music, and so much more.

Its most praised features are:

  • It has one Transfer files faster of apps available on the Play Store exceeds 42 MB per second.
  • This transfer This can be done without using any type of mobile data. of your device and without losing data quality.
  • All your data and personal information They will be protected when using this app.
  • Downloading photos and videos happens quickly and efficiently.

This application has been downloaded more than a billion times. in the Play Store since the date of release It is very easy to download and has a very sophisticated and functional user interface.

Send anywhere

This is another one of the many apps found on the Play Store for this purpose.. Allows you to present files quickly, easily and without limits. These are just some of the benefits offered at no cost.

The highlight of this app is: :

  • help Transferring all types of fileswithout always changing the characteristics of the original
  • It will be necessary Just a 6 digit password To be able to transfer files quickly
  • No mobile data required or internet access
  • you can Share the link on your social networks and messaging apps. Suitable for sending files
  • File encryption is reinforced.

In general, This application has received excellent acceptance from users since its launch. People who praise the speed and quality of content transfer Although some people emphasize that the number of ads can be quite annoying at times. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times and has a rating of 4.8 stars.

We hope that in this article You have found all the information you need to know what WiFi Direct is and how it works. A technology that you can make great use of after you know its most prominent aspects. Let us know in the comments if you’ve used it before and what you think. We read your mind.

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