What is WhatsApp Expert Report? Know all the details.

Technology has greatly revolutionized the way we operate today. A few years ago, things that seemed everyday and mundane to us today might have seemed too futuristic and impressive. One of them is using messaging app conversations as legal evidence in a trial. If you want to know What is WhatsApp Expert Report? Learn all the details in this article.

Sure, we’ve seen it in some television series. And we think showing WhatsApp conversations can help us overcome legal disputes. But this is not the case. At least you don’t have to go through a complicated process first. to show their truth You see, it is a specialized service and quite expensive, although it is undoubtedly quite important.


What is WhatsApp Expert Report?


The computer experts responsible for the operation provided the WhatsApp expert report. Your opinion and final verdict on the authenticity of the chat. Moreover, it is not only possible to control whether the conversation is distorted in any way or not. But it will also be controlled. You need to analyze the mobile device in question.and takes into account several additional aspects.

Computer expertise must be carried out meticulously and following guidelines. These are determined by the court of justice of the country in which the trial will take place. or other judicial proceedings which require expert reporting of WhatsApp conversations. But why is WhatsApp expert reporting important? Learn all the details below.

Why is it necessary to have computer expertise?

It is common for decisions to be made to use WhatsApp chats as evidence in trials and other legal events. After all, WhatsApp is a great messaging application. Conversations take place there that can be decisive. Although, as you can imagine, It’s not as simple as showing a few “screenshots” to the judges so they can be considered.

This has been the focus of computer expertise operations ever since. This is a necessary requirement to be able to consider a valid test.It must also be performed by personnel qualified and certified for this work. If you don’t take action Parties to the proceeding may challenge this evidence. and the judge must be discredited.

In what cases might you want to report to a WhatsApp expert?


We’ve already talked about the relevant roles they can play in the trial. Although this is not the only case in which it can be used.You can also send it at:

  • The case in which you want to be a witness Some types of conversion in the workplace
  • to demonstrate Existence of a threat or conflicts on the part of family members and other persons
  • during Certification of certain types of verbal contracts as well as in contracting services

This is just a sampling of some. This is because the scope of use of these reports is wide. There are also new activities. Happens every day which can be taken into consideration

How much does it cost to carry out computer expertise?

This step cannot be done by anyone. Even in the field of Computer Science or Computer Engineer he was not even certified. It must be performed by computer experts only.

Obviously, such specialists must have relevant licenses and certificates. If all of this is not taken into account Even if you present an expert report.can easily be fired

When talking about money Rates vary all the time. At the moment it costs around 500 to 900 euros to operate.We clarify that this price must include the presence of an expert at the time of the trial. Although we recommend that you agree before hiring the service. This is because it may be one of the requirements that the judge wants.

What are the steps?

Completing computer studies is not a one day affair. This is because the steps that need to be followed may take time. These are more than just reading the conversation directly from the chat and witnessing that the conversation is real.There are currently many ways to manage this evidence. And the judge knew this. Therefore, the requirements for declaring expert reports as accurate are becoming more stringent every day.

Mobile device verification

The smartphone with the WhatsApp chat you want to use as evidence is available. must be analyzed in detail All aspects of this device must be inspected. From technical characteristics, physical condition as well as other elements such as:

  • Permission for Removing the USB Configured
  • If the database has been restored of WhatsApp before or after sending the message
  • Metadata errors or inconsistencies of databases and other electronic files that have been sent

WhatsApp database export

This is one of the most important steps in the entire process. which includes export of the copy of the WhatsApp database, where you will find the messages you want to present as evidence, in addition to This step includes verification. and check that it has not been altered in any way

Export files sent or received from your mobile.

All files sent or received using this app are not included in your copy of WhatsApp. Therefore, this must be done in addition to the previous steps.It is very important because there is often valuable information in it.

Decrypt the database

Undoubtedly, this is probably the most technical and computer-savvy step required by experts. This is because the previously exported copy of WhatsApp database must be decrypted.All this while ensuring that legal care remains unchanged.

This procedure is not the same for all mobile phones. But this will vary depending on the model and device manufacturer. This also changes taking into account the version of the application installed on the mobile. that was copied For this analysis Various techniques and procedures are used. That is the responsibility of experts in that field.

issuance of judgment

This is what is called an expert report. In this document, everything observed during expert opinions is reflected.You must be clear and precise with the information you provide. including the most sincere and professional It provides legally useful information and whether the message is genuine or not.

If you want to know What is WhatsApp Expert Report? Know all the details here. In this article we have tried to explain a rather complex topic as simple as possible. Let us know in the comments if this was helpful to you. We read your mind.

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