4 techniques to turn off notifications from contacts on Telegram

Are you tired of receiving messages from specific contacts on Telegram? It can happen sometimes. We add people without knowing who they really are..Then they become annoying or insist on sending us messages. In these cases Knowing how to disable notifications from contacts on Telegram is very important.

In case you are thinking of disabling notifications from contacts in Telegram, you should know. This messaging app has several advanced functionalities. to block a contact and turn off notifications Learn how to disable notifications from contacts on Telegram with these 4 tips.


4 foolproof tips to turn off notifications from contacts on Telegram

Telegram users often complain about receiving messages from people they don’t want in their contact list. It might be an ex-boyfriend with whom we cut off ties. A co-worker we can’t trust, a distant relative, or just someone we don’t like sending us things we don’t want to see.

In these cases Many people turn to Radical options for eliminating contact. But if you do this That person will notice and may insist on knowing why you deleted them. And you probably don’t want to have these problems.

The good news is that Telegram allows you to disable contact notifications. without needing to delete it If you do this You will avoid conflict in explaining yourself. But you don’t receive their messages anymore.

Let’s stop using so many detours and learn how to disable contact notifications on Telegram and tips on how to block a contact without them knowing:

Mute chat notifications

The method we will discuss below is the simplest way to stop receiving notifications from a specific contact. All you have to do is Enter the contact’s chat. You want to mute Tap your username at the top and select “Mute«.

This technique is very useful for Temporarily mute a contact While we don’t want to receive notifications right now, we also don’t want to block them completely.

We will stop receiving any notifications from that chat until we manually enable it again. Contacts will not notice this change.

Mute and disable notifications from contacts on Telegram.

The next option is to go to Telegram settings, enter «Notifications and sounds» and look for «Chat notifications«.

You will see the option “Private chat“. Click and scroll down to “.Add an exception“. This option allows you to add a contact or contacts and turn off notifications.

This option allows you to mute any contact, even new contacts you added by mistake. And you want to prevent them from sending you the first message.

Block users from “Blocked user”

A more advanced function is to limit messages from specific users by blocking them on the platform.

You will need to go to «Settings“, already “Privacy and security» and select «user Blocked«. There you need to find and add the contacts you want to restrict.

After doing this That user’s messages won’t appear directly in your chat. You’ll only get a general notification if a contact mentions you in a group message.

This function provided by Telegram is a great option for Permanently mute users without completely deleting That is, you will no longer see what was said.

If you want to know how to delete a contact on Telegram, follow this link.

Another way to block users

The most extreme option is direct. Block a userAnother way to do this is to go to the contact’s profile, tap the 3 dots in the top right corner and select «block«.

When you block a user, they He will no longer be able to message you or view your profile picture or online status.. This is the most effective way to completely eliminate interaction with that contact.

Keep in mind that when you block someone, The person will receive a notification that they cannot contact you. Therefore, use it as a last resort when you do not want to communicate with the user in question.

Disable notifications “Contact joins Telegram”

If what you don’t want is to get Notifications When a contact joins TelegramHere’s what you need to do: Go to settings and access the options «Notifications and sounds«.

Among all the options that appear in the Notifications and Sounds menu. Look for the section. activityYou will see the option «Contacts join Telegram«. Disable

By disabling this function You will stop receiving these automatic notifications..

No matter which option you choose. Now you know all the tips on how to disable notifications from contacts on Telegram and stop receiving messages from annoying users. Use these advanced features to have full control over your notifications and enjoy this messaging app more.

Tell us in the comments. What techniques have you found most useful? Have you had to block annoying contacts on Telegram?

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