New colors for Apple Watch bands

We’ve been talking for a few weeks about the roadmap Apple will follow throughout 2024, the iPhone 16 taking a bit of a backseat. This makes it even more relevant to the renewal of AirPods and Apple Watch. Keep that in mind in the end. Celebrating 10 years since its launch in 2014. So it’s a good time to give the 10th generation Apple Watch a facelift. Within that facelift, there’s a trend like that. Modified strap system prevents old bands from being reused on new Apple Watches Big changes that change what Apple has done up until now.

The new Apple Watch will change its strap system.

Apple Watch bands are now interchangeable because the strap system has slots on the side edges to allow insertion of the bands. however, Apple may be working on a new strap system that includes a magnetic strip. This completely changes the concept of straps. This change will appear on the Apple Watch X or 10, as it will celebrate ten years in 2024 since its presentation in September 2014.

Gurman pointed this out a few months ago when he stated that the Apple Watch is now @Kosutami-sanWhich is famous for leaks of Apple’s FineWoven line that was launched to speculate that This new watch will prevent old bands from being used with the new Apple Watch. Or the same: All straps of the new Apple Watch are not compatible with the previous generation watch.

Airpod 3

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2024 will be the year of AirPods, with two new models and the new AirPods Max.

This system of securing the strap remains unchanged and has been in effect since the first generation, but Apple was able to find a new way to fix the strap. This frees up space inside the device to add a battery or redistribute internal components.

In addition to this movement (Success or not?) With the Apple Watch All this on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the presentation of the Apple Watch on stage with the main character Steve Jobs.