The iPhone 16 could return to using a vertical rear camera.

iPhone 16: Vertical camera

2024 will be one of the most powerful years for Apple in a long time. The new Apple Vision Pro virtual reality glasses It will arrive in the United States starting in January. and therefore It will be the start of a new era in the Big Apple. Modifying all of your devices to be able to port content to VisionOS is a work in progress, such as adding spatial video recording with iPhone 15 Pro in the latest iOS 17.2. Linked to that thing The next iPhone 16 could change the camera arrangement back to portrait. It aims to record spatial video like the iPhone 15 Pro does.


Will the vertical camera return to the iPhone 16?

The iPhone’s design hasn’t changed radically in a long time. Remember that the main changes came with the iPhone. notch. As time passes That notch has disappeared completely to make way for Dynamic Island, which is already available on the standard and Pro iPhone 15 models, so Let’s see how the changes introduced by Apple are gradual in both models.

New leak shows renders What will the design of the iPhone 16 be like? It will launch in September 2024. MacRumors published this leak and certified that the information came from a central link in pre-production. Therefore, it is likely that the final design may change based on the pictures we show you.

iPhone 16

The main changes to the iPhone 16 are: The return of the vertical rear camera That disappeared a few years ago with the arrival of the iPhone 13, which was the first device to have a diagonal camera. since then All standard models also have diagonal cameras, unlike the Pro model, which has three cameras and only two can be vertical.

Apple Vision Pro

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Until now, according to leaks There are two possibilities regarding the design of this new specification. The first is an iPhone 12 style design with two vertical cameras. One is on top of the other. Another, more advanced option, if possible, is to look back at the iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 16 render

Why change the camera now?

The fact of the diagonal camera placement makes spatial video recording difficult. Which is probably why only the iPhone 15 Pro has a triple camera system. Only two devices (two vertically) can record this video. Remember this. This geospatial video is required for advertising Apple Vision Pro. Apple’s virtual reality glasses, which allow users to vividly recall the memory saved with their device. Returning the camera to the vertical position It adds equipment to capture spatial video. And it will lay the foundation for the possible expansion of Apple Vision Pro to the rest of the world.

Apple Vision Pro

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In addition to the camera changes, the iPhone 16 will also include New capacitive action buttons where he has been working for a couple of years New capacitive capture button The side makes it possible to take photos and videos without having to press the volume buttons or the operating system’s touch buttons at all.

But as we always say, all this information is still leaked and is an assumption that may be very far from reality. However, being able to ponder and predict what will happen with the iPhone 16 is something that must continue to be done with information available at all times.

Photo – MacRumors

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