The best programs to convert audio and music to MP3


It was inevitable that a connection would be created between music and the MP3 format, which allows us to enjoy our favorite songs from our mobile devices. Even though new and better formats have emerged in recent times (such as OGG), the king is still the king. That is why we are interested to know what it is. Best programs to convert to MP3

The most demanding users agree that it is a better format than MP3, but even they give it up for practical reasons. And this is the format that provides the best balance: offer The quality level is beyond acceptable. and Takes up very little storage spaceBoth. What most users want. All this became over time. Standards that almost everyone accepts.

Another reason why it is important to have a good program to convert audio and music files to MP3 is that we often use players that recognize only this format. strength What these converters offer us (At least what we present to you in this post) includes the following:

  • First of all they are Very easy to use This means that every user can use it.
  • They can work with Various formats. In this way we will be able to convert to MP3 from other formats.
  • Most converters It is updated regularly. With the latest version of the sound library Thus guaranteeing the best quality and compression conditions.
  • They offer a lot Configuration optionsWe are all interested in fine-tuning certain details like bitrate or final audio quality without getting too complicated.
  • In addition to everything above Almost all of these converters also give us this possibility. Convert from web For example, audio from a YouTube or Twitter video.

In addition to these advantages It should be noted that almost all online conversion programs and services can be. Free to use. Let’s take a look at some of the best below:




One of the most well-known and reliable options. Courage It is a very popular free audio editing program. Audio and music conversion is just one of the many features offered to users.

If we will often work with files of this type, it is worth downloading this software to our computer. Not only for file conversion, but also for Many functions offered for editing these audio files. It’s available in Spanish and accepts third-party plugins, which adds even more flexibility. Despite the beauty of the interface, which could be improved. But it is a highly recommended tool.

Link: Courage

Freemake audio converter

Free audio converter program

Another great tool to convert MP3 from other formats is Freemake audio converterA powerful converter that is compatible with all types of audio files and an efficient user interface. It works in a very simple way. which all users can access

This converter has only one “but”: during the installation process on our computer. Many windows pop up asking us to install other programs, which, although harmless, But we really don’t want to.

Link: Freemake Audio Converter

MediaHuman audio converter

human media

One of the simplest deals in our selection. But it’s definitely worth being on the list. MediaHuman audio converter It is a free application that we can install on our computers to convert audio and music files to different formats, including MP3.

Among the most outstanding features We must also mention the possibility of performing batch conversions. On the other hand, their use can be somewhat more complicated than with the other converters we discuss in this section. In addition to conversion Switch It has a very practical function: MP3 compression, which is really interesting. It also allows for batch work.

In this type of program, where it is often said that “less is more,” simplicity can be a virtue. But sometimes excessive simplicity can be a drawback and some functions are missing.

Link: MediaHuman Audio Converter



Another reference program for converting music files. Very easy to use and supports almost all formats currently in use

Link: Switch

Free VSDC audio converter


We close the list with one of the best programs to edit and convert V music files.Free SDC audio converter It is compatible with all popular formats and uses high-quality processing algorithms to perform the conversion. The results were excellent as expected.

Additionally, we need to focus on the speed of conversion operations. This is clearly higher than the other options on our list. Great tool as long as we don’t mind that it’s in English.

Link: VSDC Free Audio Converter

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